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Ms. Nikks:

Let’s do our part in finding this little one and bringing her home safely!

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8-year-old Relisha Tenau Rudd went missing from southeast and D.C. Police looking for these 2 vehicles. There is a worry that she may be in need of medication…. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Metropolitan Police – Youth Investigations Division.

I’m disgusted, to say the least. How is it that last week, an Amber Alert was active all up and down the highway for just about 3 days in search of one little girl, but now, nothing?? It’s unacceptable that Relisha’s family isn’t getting the same efforts in finding her. Please help in getting her home.

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Holding On


Whew! I hope 2014 has been treating you all kindly, because it’s sure been a real bitch to me and mine! Jamaicans have this belief that  a leap year brings bad luck and now I believe it. 

We started off the year in Jamaica and it was almost ruined by some folks who aren’t even worth my time. Next came my mother’s screaming for me to come look at a news clip. Our former neighbour in Canada, who happens to be Jamaican, was out there in Jamaica and went missing. I couldn’t sleep all night. I was so scared for him and his family. And finally yesterday, the icing on the cake. The call no one ever wants to get. My poor Aunt lost her youngest son to gun violence in Florida. Guns don’t kill people right? Tell that to my aunt and every other mother who’s lost a child or children to guns. 

My spirit is so down. My heart aches for my family. We’re taking quite beating. It’s like we’re in never ending round with Mike Tyson and our hands are tied behind our backs. We can’t stop the blows. Well you know what, I’m tired of taking a beating and it’s time to fight back. So I’m going to do what I was taught to do, take it to the Lord in prayer. Some of you might scoff at that, but I have my beliefs and you have yours. 

Kat, my cousin, I love you more than words. We didn’t see each other often, but the love was still and is still there. We are first cousins. Our mothers are sisters. We share blood. I know you’re up there with our ancestors and they’re taking great care of you, I take great comfort in that. We’ll hold it down and keep your parents, brother, beautiful children, and your wife together. 

Everyone out there reading this, take the extra minute to call your family or friend. You just never know, you know? Wishing you all a really safe and prosperous new year. I hope the next time I post, I’ll have happier news.

I don’t feel defeated, I’m still holding on.



*** Sidenote ***

  • My former neighbour was found safe! 


Take Care, Mi Gawn!

Over the past three years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve come to know some pretty nice folks. To think initially I was apprehensive to blog! I want to say thank you for contributing to my latest blog feature, greatly appreciated. I enjoyed reading about your favourite haunts and maybe one day I can experience those places myself.

I would like to let you all know that this will be my final post. I’ve had a blast making you laugh and hopefully inspiring you in some of my serious posts. I know I’ve been inspired and entertained by your comments and I’ll miss that. There are a few of you I talk to beyond the blogs and please feel free to continue to hit me up. I’ll be seeing you all around :)


Ms. Nikks…if ya nasty :p

Pt. 2: What Would Nikks Do?

Welcome back to the Ask Me Anything segment which I’ve re-named W.W.N.D? (What Would Nikks Do?). Thank you for submitting your questions and asking my opinions. I really hope my answers help some of you to solve conflicts you’re facing and please hit me up with feedback if you’re comfortable doing so. Readers, please feel free to answer some of these questions if your thoughts are different than my own. Continue reading

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Happy Holidays/Vote For Nikks

Hello my darlings! I’d say I’ve missed you, but I’ve been doing my rounds as often as I can, so I’ve been keeping up with you all. I wanted to drop a line to first of all say Happy Christmas to you all and hope you’re all doing well.  Now as for the title of the blog, please vote Ms. Nikks for Best Personal Blog at the Jamaica Blog Awards website. You can vote once every 24 hours and your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks ever so much. Happy holidays and I look forward to returning to my writing in January! Thanks again to those who vote!

Ms. Nikks :p

Michael Jackson

Wasn’t around to re-post my Michael post!  Better late than never :P

Michael Jackson never gave us less than a THRILLER.  He told the naysayers to BEAT IT, because let’s face it, he was BAD, you know it! DO YOU REMEMBER THE TIME, when he moonwalked across that stage and ROCKED OUR WORLD?  His music helped bring cultures together so he did HEAL THE WORLD in his own special way.  He made us realize it didn’t matter if we’re BLACK OR WHITE!  He wasn’t a STRANGER IN MOSCOW, he was loved worldwide.  He made us SCREAM gave up so much of his childhood to entertain us and said, ‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE’! At the end of the day I believe he was innocent of all the nonsense and he was able to look at the MAN IN THE MIRROR!  We’re going to continue to ROCK WITH YOU, alllllll night!


Nikks :P