Coming From Where I’m From: Lola Says, Go Ask Joe Mama!

This week’s contribution comes to you via the lovely Ms. Lola of The Choklit Factory, if you haven’t visited her blog, you ought to! There at The Choklit Factory you’ll discover new music and will be able to see what Lola thinks of new releases etc. I won’t ramble, just follow the link and satisfy your sweet tooth! Lola, thank you so much for contributing. I’ll put this place on my must do when I make a return trip to Toronto one of these days. Happy Monday everyone and enjoy. Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: A Goddess in Toronto

G.I., modeling at her first band launch. Summer 2011!

By now you should all be familiar with the lovely Goddess Intellect. She’s first up in the ‘Coming From Where I’m From’ blog feature series. I’ve asked Goddess along with a few other blog friends to share what it is about their city that makes their hearts swell with pride. It can be an event or a special spot where you hang with friends to party or a spot where you go for some self inflicted solitude. As a person who loves to travel and is looking forward to more travel as the years go by, it never hurts to know which cities to hit and which events are a must! Enjoy! I give you G.I. Continue reading

I Learned From The Best

No matter what trials and tribulations Whitney Houston went through, I have a strong feeling she gave Bobbi Kristina The Greatest Love of All. I hope she is left with the fondest of memories. Now that you’re no longer around for her to Run To You, I pray her father will be strong enough and stable enough for her not to feel like “I Have Nothing“. I can only pray she finds comfort and support in family and close friends. No one can replace you in her life, you were the Queen of the Night (day, evening, dusk, dawn, queen of every damn thing in our childhoods). You reigned supreme!

Whenever I’d run through my iPod list and hear your voice, you made me feel like I Wanna Dance With Somebody! You had it like that! You made some choices and I was mad at you like I knew you! I realize It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay, we all make mistakes. You were an amazing woman and you will always be an amazing talent in our eyes, all of us who sang in choirs well we thank you for allowing us the delusions of grandeur. I used to dance around in my bedroom with a hair brush and pretend I was singing with you. So many of us tried to mimic your voice and perform for events like we were you, afterall we, myself included I Learned From The Best. I questioned like every other broken hearted girl Where Do Broken Hearts Go?” We checked into the Heartbreak Hotel, but we didn’t stay for long because you told us to take it Step By Step.

You had a miraculous voice, you were a Miracle and the soundtrack to many lives.  I wish all your adoring fans could have gone back to that One Moment In Time when you made the wrong decision, to help you walk away, but regardless I (personally) Will Always Love You!

A devasted little girl from Jamaica who wanted so much to be like you…Nikks :(

Someone Like You

Every song on Adele’s ’21′ album speaks directly to my soul. I’ve never heard an album that touched me as much as this one. I know a lot of people, men and women feel the same. Even my 2 year old God-daughter knows the words to half the album. Don’t worry, I made sure she knows her ABC’s, can count from 1-16 in English and to 11 in Spanish. I digress…I just wanted to do an end of the year post and this seemed like a fitting way. Enjoy and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Continue reading

Pt. 2: What Would Nikks Do?

Welcome back to the Ask Me Anything segment which I’ve re-named W.W.N.D? (What Would Nikks Do?). Thank you for submitting your questions and asking my opinions. I really hope my answers help some of you to solve conflicts you’re facing and please hit me up with feedback if you’re comfortable doing so. Readers, please feel free to answer some of these questions if your thoughts are different than my own. Continue reading