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Sex and Airplanes

I wanted to share a little story with all regarding my recent trip…

I Got A Story To Tell

So many things going on in this head of mine, I find it difficult to write down just one thing. It’s hard to focus right now on one subject. So I thought I’d… Continue reading

Truth Be Told

Rapper/Actor Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, recently caught the attention of the folks over at the Huffington Post for posting a series of “troubling” Instagram pics. Glover’s posts offered an intimate (not that… Continue reading

Come On Jamaica!

Straight to the point today! Jamaica, what are you doing with the tourism dollars? Who’s benefitting from it, because it isn’t the people of Jamaica, not that ones who really need it!

A Different Kind of Sickness

When you are told constantly by your loved ones that your actions are causing them pain and misery, what should you do? What would you do? But the most important question is, what… Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: Bridging “D” Gap!

So this is it, the end of my feature. My last contribution comes to you courtesy of the lovely, helpful, and supportive D of Life in the D Lane. I truly appreciate your… Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: Nightfall in New Rochelle

 Man of few words…that’s right Mr. Nightfall. Please pay him a visit on Blu Flame Blvd there’s something there for everyone. Don’t be shy. Thank you Nightfall for this contribution. It must be… Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: Lola Says, Go Ask Joe Mama!

This week’s contribution comes to you via the lovely Ms. Lola of The Choklit Factory, if you haven’t visited her blog, you ought to! There at The Choklit Factory you’ll discover new music and… Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: A(‘s) Secret Garden

Next up is the lovely Ayanna. Ayanna is my school mate and friend (I need to see you sometime this year lady!). Thanks A, thanks for contributing this post and opening my eyes… Continue reading

Oh Johnny Boy

I recently came across this Johnny Depp quote and I’d love to hear your opinions on the matter. Agree or disagree? Or do you think you can love two people at the same… Continue reading