Coming From Where I’m From: Bridging “D” Gap!

So this is it, the end of my feature. My last contribution comes to you courtesy of the lovely, helpful, and supportive D of Life in the D Lane. I truly appreciate your time as I know you’re writing for various online magazines/sites, so a huge thank you for you time.  I hope you all enjoy and visit D’s page sometime. She’s a riot and I adore her, she’s one of the reasons I need to make it to New York this year! Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: The Tram Stamp (…of Approval)

As always I’d like to start out by saying thank you to my contributor for dedicating time and energy to do this for me. I feel your pride in this one. I like your twist on the “assignment” and so I’m keeping it as is. Without further delay I invite you on my tour with Unknown Black Male (check him out, because he’s funny, witty, and I luv him!). You’ve sold me on this one and one day you’ll be referred to as Known Black Male! Enjoy everyone.

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28 Words & Thoughts

Sunday is my 28th birthday and I’ve asked 28 of you friends and family to share with me just one word that describes me in your mind. I wasn’t doing it for an ego boost, I was doing it to see if the person I want to be is coming through. I wanted to see which words would come up on the list and which words would not (in hopes of bettering myself). I also thought I’d share 28 thoughts on how I view myself. It’s been a rough year, but I’m still alive and that means I still have a chance to turn things around. I thank all of you for your amazingly kind words. I can’t promise to live up to these adjectives you’ve chosen, because I’m human and I falter at times, but thank you nonetheless. Have a great weekend. Continue reading

Contest Time!

I promise it's not a d*** in a box!

Contest Entry Rules:

  1. You must be a resident of Canada or the United States.
  2. You cannot be relative (parent, sibling, or cousin) of the Ms. Nikks.
  3. You must be 18 years old or older at the time of the contest entry date.
  4. You must submit your answers via e-mail within the specified dates.
  5. You must keep in mind your entry if chosen as the winner, will be shared on the blog for public viewing.
  6. Winner must be willing to share a mailing address or valid e-mail address in order to receive his or her prize. Continue reading