Coming From Where I’m From: Tracita in Bogota

Hello loves, this week I give you the lovely and very sweet Tracita of Globetracer. You know the drill, if you’ve never been to the blog, check her out. Have I ever led you astray? As always I have to give my thank you to Tracita for taking the time to do this for me and for you guys to discover something new to do should you travel to her neck of the woods. Enjoy and leave a comment or two. Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: Lola Says, Go Ask Joe Mama!

This week’s contribution comes to you via the lovely Ms. Lola of The Choklit Factory, if you haven’t visited her blog, you ought to! There at The Choklit Factory you’ll discover new music and will be able to see what Lola thinks of new releases etc. I won’t ramble, just follow the link and satisfy your sweet tooth! Lola, thank you so much for contributing. I’ll put this place on my must do when I make a return trip to Toronto one of these days. Happy Monday everyone and enjoy. Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Milestones


I hate pork, I don’t care for beef, I love seafood, I adore chicken, so whenever I go out for dinner that’s usually the only time I enjoy a nice steak dinner.  I waste too much money!  Yeesh!  So my first experience at Milestones a couple months back was not perfect, but it wasn’t bad either.  The waitress was a douche bag, she had some seriously serious funky attitude, I wanted to stab her with my steak knife, but I refrained as you can tell, or I’d be blogging from jail.  The food was alright (steak almost made me choke=hyperbole).  Took quite awhile and that’s my beef with them, pun on the beef.  Heehee.   

Anyway, my girls and I needed some catch up time.  We do dinner practically once a week to check in on each others lives, the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, work, school, and play.  This time our craving was between Montana’s and Milestones.  We should have went to Montana’s!  Milestones was horrible service.  


The decor is nice, it’s warm, intimate, and trendy in the dining area, the lighting is soft, perfect for a little date.  The bar/lounge is awfully small and cramped, they need to do something about that.  The service, oh the service, the waitress seemed a bit spacey, she took awhile with the drinks, wasn’t prompt with the re-fills, the steak, which I understood I ordered well done, took almost an hour and a half.  It wouldn’t be so horrible had the Space Cadet come by ever so often with an update on why the food was taking forever.  I had steak the first time too and it was not that long of a wait.


 The presentation of the food on the plate was alright.  My girls enjoyed their dishes, i tasted theirs and IF I ever step foot back in that place, I’d go with the seafood fettucini my friend ordered.  I think that’s what it was.  It was perfectly spicy and flavorful.  The chicken some or rather, my other friend had was good, I enjoyed the pesto.  My steak was indeed cooked, HOWEVER; it lacked flavor!  It was quite dry and I needed my iced tea refill like YESTERDAY to wash it down, too bad Queen Spacey didn’t bring me one until the end of my meal!  You suck MILESTONES!  2/5 STARS!