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Coming From Where I’m From: Tracita in Bogota

Hello loves, this week I give you the lovely and very sweet Tracita of Globetracer. You know the drill, if you’ve never been to the blog, check her out. Have I ever led… Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: Lola Says, Go Ask Joe Mama!

This week’s contribution comes to you via the lovely Ms. Lola of The Choklit Factory, if you haven’t visited her blog, you ought to! There at The Choklit Factory you’ll discover new music and… Continue reading

IHOP on Over To A Different Restaurant

Our ridiculously boring city finally got an IHOP! YES!!! *insert buzzer noise* WRONG! NO!

Restaurant Review: Milestones

I hate pork, I don’t care for beef, I love seafood, I adore chicken, so whenever I go out for dinner that’s usually the only time I enjoy a nice steak dinner.  I… Continue reading