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The Penis: Desolation of Sperm

  Seriously! More and more I wonder what’s wrong with some of you men! Women take a lot of flack for getting knocked up, but you men need to take responsibility for these… Continue reading

Kool Kat

I was recently in Florida, where we laid to rest my amazing cousin. My cousin was not involved in any criminal activities. He was no dealer, he was no gangbanger. Not saying he… Continue reading

I Got A Story To Tell

So many things going on in this head of mine, I find it difficult to write down just one thing. It’s hard to focus right now on one subject. So I thought I’d… Continue reading

A Different Kind of Sickness

When you are told constantly by your loved ones that your actions are causing them pain and misery, what should you do? What would you do? But the most important question is, what… Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: The Tram Stamp (…of Approval)

As always I’d like to start out by saying thank you to my contributor for dedicating time and energy to do this for me. I feel your pride in this one. I like… Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: Nightfall in New Rochelle

┬áMan of few words…that’s right Mr. Nightfall. Please pay him a visit on Blu Flame Blvd there’s something there for everyone. Don’t be shy. Thank you Nightfall for this contribution. It must be… Continue reading


Short and simple. I’m currently reading a book entitled “It’s All About The Moon When The Sun Ain’t Shining“, written by Ernest Hill. I read a few chapters last night before turning in… Continue reading

Desk of Rex: Jelly Balls

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past few years, you’ll know my family has been blessed with the pleasure of raising this mischievous and loving child (pictured above) since she was… Continue reading


My post today was brought to you by the letter S for status. So I was perusing Facebook and noticed my cousin’s status. She recently had a baby and during the pregnancy, like… Continue reading

What Comes First?

A few weeks ago friends and I were discussing marriage, children, and how to make it successfully cohesive. One friend brought up a friend who was once engaged and what happened when that… Continue reading