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Coming From Where I’m From: The Tram Stamp (…of Approval)

As always I’d like to start out by saying thank you to my contributor for dedicating time and energy to do this for me. I feel your pride in this one. I like… Continue reading

Pregnancy Options

I was having a conversation with someone and we got on the topic of pregnancy and options. We were discussing how back in Junior High School and High School, we had to have… Continue reading

Milk n’ Cookies

So I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Baby Gloton. Baby Gloton is a doll that has been selling in Spain. The doll comes with a halter top/vest type contraption that your little… Continue reading

My ‘Normal’ Isn’t Necessarily Yours

I’ve been trying very hard to control and remind myself that I can only control myself and the way I react to those around me.  I am trying very hard to accept and… Continue reading

Author Spotlight & List of Must Reads

Friday afternoons are when I love to escape and spend time with myself.  I always find myself in the place I feel most comfortable and at home, a bookstore.  As I was going… Continue reading

365 Black: I’d Just Love To…

I believe there are certain careers that one shouldn’t go into for the sake of a cheque.  If you aren’t genuinely interested in the well being of people and/or aren’t human enough to… Continue reading