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I was recently in Florida, where we laid to rest my amazing cousin. My cousin was not involved in any criminal activities. He was no dealer, he was no gangbanger. Not saying he was perfect, none of us are, he was simply human. He was an amazing son, brother, father, grandson, cousin, and husband, who was senselessly gunned down while sitting in his car. Kat was so much to so many people. Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: The Tram Stamp (…of Approval)

As always I’d like to start out by saying thank you to my contributor for dedicating time and energy to do this for me. I feel your pride in this one. I like your twist on the “assignment” and so I’m keeping it as is. Without further delay I invite you on my tour with Unknown Black Male (check him out, because he’s funny, witty, and I luv him!). You’ve sold me on this one and one day you’ll be referred to as Known Black Male! Enjoy everyone.

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Coming From Where I’m From: Tracita in Bogota

Hello loves, this week I give you the lovely and very sweet Tracita of Globetracer. You know the drill, if you’ve never been to the blog, check her out. Have I ever led you astray? As always I have to give my thank you to Tracita for taking the time to do this for me and for you guys to discover something new to do should you travel to her neck of the woods. Enjoy and leave a comment or two. Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: A(‘s) Secret Garden

Next up is the lovely Ayanna. Ayanna is my school mate and friend (I need to see you sometime this year lady!). Thanks A, thanks for contributing this post and opening my eyes to the gardens. I clicked on the site last year when I was looking for something to do out of town, I just never went through with it. From your description and the above picture, I’ll definitely make it out there this summer. Everyone, the lovely Ayanna and also check out her blog aMg. Continue reading

Coming From Where I’m From: A Goddess in Toronto

G.I., modeling at her first band launch. Summer 2011!

By now you should all be familiar with the lovely Goddess Intellect. She’s first up in the ‘Coming From Where I’m From’ blog feature series. I’ve asked Goddess along with a few other blog friends to share what it is about their city that makes their hearts swell with pride. It can be an event or a special spot where you hang with friends to party or a spot where you go for some self inflicted solitude. As a person who loves to travel and is looking forward to more travel as the years go by, it never hurts to know which cities to hit and which events are a must! Enjoy! I give you G.I. Continue reading


Short and simple. I’m currently reading a book entitled “It’s All About The Moon When The Sun Ain’t Shining“, written by Ernest Hill. I read a few chapters last night before turning in and as I read a quote from the main character’s mama stood out to me. I began to question whether it was true.

“Like they say,” Mama said. “You know the parents…you know the child.”

This was the character Maurice’s mother, trying to explain to him that the young woman he refers to as his fiancée is just not good enough for him. Have you ever judged a man or woman based off his family’s history and behaviour? Or have you ever allowed your folks and/or friends to influence your decision regarding a partner because the person was from a less than “respectable” family?

Sound off! What are you thoughts on that quote? Agree or disagree? Talk to me!

Nikks :p