A Different Kind of Sickness

When you are told constantly by your loved ones that your actions are causing them pain and misery, what should you do? What would you do? But the most important question is, what does it mean when you do nothing?

We’ve all seen ‘Intervention’ by now, but I’m not talking about someone with an addiction to substances. I’m talking about people who don’t care about their behaviour and how it affects everyone around them.

The only thing in my head is that those unwilling to change have no love for those pleading for change. Plain and simple as that. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ve never given birth, but I’ve felt what I imagine to be the love of a mother towards her child. I don’t have biological nieces or nephews, but I have a few who I do consider my nieces and nephews and if they ever expressed to me that my actions resulted in their pain, I’d re-evaluate and curb that in a second!

I’ve seen a lot of mothers and fathers put themselves and their own needs before that of their children. I understand it, but I don’t. I know hurt people, hurt people and that in itself is a different kind of sickness.

I ask again, when you are told and you know your actions are causing your loved ones pain and you do nothing, what does it say about you and your feelings towards them?

Talk to me blog fam!


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