Take Care, Mi Gawn!

Over the past three years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve come to know some pretty nice folks. To think initially I was apprehensive to blog! I want to say thank you for contributing to my latest blog feature, greatly appreciated. I enjoyed reading about your favourite haunts and maybe one day I can experience those places myself.

I would like to let you all know that this will be my final post. I’ve had a blast making you laugh and hopefully inspiring you in some of my serious posts. I know I’ve been inspired and entertained by your comments and I’ll miss that. There are a few of you I talk to beyond the blogs and please feel free to continue to hit me up. I’ll be seeing you all around :)


Ms. Nikks…if ya nasty :p

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18 thoughts on “Take Care, Mi Gawn!

  1. We need a sad face button. I understand your decision, things won’t be the same in these social streets. Much love to you!

  2. I respect your “decision” but I must remind you that April Fools was last month. Hope we actually get to meet in person soon :)

    • Lol, I’ll still be all over your guys’ blogs. You all also have me on Facebook and my next Toronto trip, I’ll definitely holla atcha!

  3. Awwww what it we glue you to your computer? LOL. No Nikks we are so gonna miss you and Rex… I love her random conversations!! I understand but doesnt mean I’m cool with it, you will be miss and please dont be a stranger!! Love YA!!!

  4. I feel sad for all the boys and girls that don’t have you as a friend. They wont get to hear your wise words of Nikksdom or see your comedic side in ink any longer. I think you’ve inspired many through your blog and I’m very proud of you for coming so far in something you were so hesitant about doing in the first place. Great job Nikks. Love you lots😘

  5. I hadn’t really gotten a change to read your blog as much as others, but I enjoyed the months I’ve read. Always entertaining, always well written.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Ms. Nikks.

  6. So sad to hear that! I definitely enjoyed reading your blog and really appreciated your support and feedback with mine. Thanks for opening up a piece of your world with us :)

  7. NOooooooooooo! Don’t go. *pouts* Where’s the Don’t Like button? lol
    I was just thinking about you today, then I saw your comment on Globetracer.
    I hope you do keep in touch with us, especially your favorites like me. :)
    Be well, sis.

  8. I saw the comment you left and thought you’d returned to the mix.

    It’s coming though, I know it is. Lol. We all quit blogging and return eventually.

  9. Hola, I saw your message on Twitter, but I couldn’t respond because it said you didn’t follow me. :( Anyways, I’m on FB intermittently but I would love to connect. Send me an email. :)

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