Coming From Where I’m From: Bridging “D” Gap!

So this is it, the end of my feature. My last contribution comes to you courtesy of the lovely, helpful, and supportive D of Life in the D Lane. I truly appreciate your time as I know you’re writing for various online magazines/sites, so a huge thank you for you time.  I hope you all enjoy and visit D’s page sometime. She’s a riot and I adore her, she’s one of the reasons I need to make it to New York this year!

Where I’m From:

Brooklyn, NY

The Spot:

Brooklyn Bridge

What I do there/Why I chose it :

I chose it because it’s not just Brooklyn, it’s NY.  It’s where we hang out in the summer and take long walks.  It’s the image we see when we stroll the promenade Downtown Brooklyn eating ice cream and watching the Manhattan skyline.  It was the way out of chaos during the 2003 blackout, MTA strikes and 9/11.  And it’s the first thing I see after a trip when the plane starts to descend, it’s how I always know I’m home.

 How I Feel When I’m There:

Like I’m in the home of Biggie & Jay…where dreams are made of…spreading love the Brooklyn way!


There’s nothing left to be said!

Nikks :p

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