Coming From Where I’m From: The Tram Stamp (…of Approval)

As always I’d like to start out by saying thank you to my contributor for dedicating time and energy to do this for me. I feel your pride in this one. I like your twist on the “assignment” and so I’m keeping it as is. Without further delay I invite you on my tour with Unknown Black Male (check him out, because he’s funny, witty, and I luv him!). You’ve sold me on this one and one day you’ll be referred to as Known Black Male! Enjoy everyone.

 “Nikks, I’m so glad you made it to the QC (Queen City of Charlotte, NC) … what you wanna do today?”

  “Just show me why you love your city!”


The Arts [collectively] are a major reason why I love this city; Museums & Galleries, Music, Libraries, Science & Nature, Special Events & Festivals abound.

Museums & Galleries

We can start with The Harvey B Gantt Center for African American Arts + Culture and move to  Fairytales, Fantasy, & Fear “Explore the art of “story re-telling” through the work of artists inspired by traditional fairytales, supernatural fantasies and childhood fears.” Presently at the Mint Museum Uptown at Levine Center for the Arts.


From the Amphitheatres, Arenas & concert halls to the small intimate neighborhood theatre many musical talents grace our stages on the regular from every genre. There is always music to fill your ears and feed your soul. Next up for me Tyrese & Chrisette Michelle [My God I hope he brings Leon Timbo with him!] at the Ovens Auditorium on March 24th


This last paragraph in the mission statement summarizes our library system well, facing closings and economic challenges the community & corporate sponsors banded together to not allow this valuable resource to fail. “Since our founding in 1903, our role as a provider of lifelong education in this community has never been more relevant and timely. We strive to build a highly literate and educated community; to contribute to its economic health, cultural and social capital; and to be highly accessed and cherished. As stewards of the community`s trust and resources, we work hard every day to provide valuable experiences. Our customers, staff and supporters inspire us each day to be America`s best public library.” I’m especially proud of a collaborative effort; a library & theater for children.  ImaginOn, designed for children of all ages, but adults convene for exhibits, story-telling, hosting plays and other functions, ImaginOn is one of the best family-friendly places in town.

Science & Nature

I’ve already written about Discovery Place  “… an organization dedicated to inspiring exploration of the natural and social world through extraordinary exhibits and educational programs that inform, challenge and engage audiences of all ages.” This also houses the larger than life Imax Dome Theatre.

Charlotte loves greenways, parks and recreation so grab your Macbook Nikks, after you’ve finished taking photo’s along one of our picturesque greenways you can upload the pictures immediately, all of the parks are wired. Combine the county’s parks with the impressive Whitewater Center, and connecting with Nature is even more encouraging. Biking, hiking, climbing, kayaking, running, jumping, swimming, swinging, shooting … limitless.

Special Events & Festivals

From Cityfest Live, an annual concert featuring some of the country’s most popular performers to First Night Charlotte, a New Year’s Eve alcohol-free celebration, with a wide range of activities and events including a late afternoon / early evening music and dance function for children, as well as a variety of evening performances before the countdown to midnight.

… However the most significant and notably happening at the time of this writing. The CIAA Tournament! The CIAA is an NCAA Division II conference of historically African- American institutions. Touted as the third most attended basketball tournament among all NCAA divisions, CIAA 2012 marks the seventh year in the “Queen City” and will undoubtedly beat last year’s record boasted at 190,000 fans and an economic impact of over $44.3 million. Attendees are treated to a plethora of concerts, parties, events and hospitality & of course the basketball tournament ;) Just search twitter for  #CIAA and you’ll immediately see that your favorite celebrities and musicians are participating. First Lady Michelle Obama visited the CIAA Tournament to promote her “Let’s Move” campaign, huge! as this is the 100th anniversary of the tournament.

Thanks for riding with me Nikks, I’m tired … let’s go get something to eat. Did I mention food?

With so many restaurants in Charlotte to choose from, this city literally is a feast for the senses. Charlotte restaurants range from don’t miss hole-in-the-wall joints with fried pickles you’ll never forget, to French-inspired fine dining with panoramic views of the city below. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, check your pulse. Charlotte’s culinary treasures await.

-I Am

You are! That museum sounds amazing and I’m a bookworm with great appreciation for libraries, so I know I’d appreciate that they went through so much to save it. You might have a hard time getting me out of the library. Lol. Parks are wired?! Nice. I see your amazing pics on instagram and Charlotte has some beautiful spots. Thank you once again for doing this. You’ve sold me on Charlotte.


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