Coming From Where I’m From: Nightfall in New Rochelle

 Man of few words…that’s right Mr. Nightfall. Please pay him a visit on Blu Flame Blvd there’s something there for everyone. Don’t be shy. Thank you Nightfall for this contribution. It must be nice to live in one of the places voted as best place to raise a family. You’ve got it good. Once again, thanks for the share.

Where I’m From:

New Rochelle, NY The quiet town a stone’s throw from the Big Apple.

The Spot:

Broadway shows, Hip Hop Concerts, Famous Comedy Clubs, Landmark Restaurants…….these are all things you’ll find in abundance in NYC. In New Rochelle, not so much. There are no major functions in New Ro. The club and bar scene was shut down not long after I got out of college. Outside of the downtown entertainment complex of movies, food & arcade, you’re basically left up to your own imagination to how you want to spend your time. Over the years this exactly what I’ve come to love about New Rochelle. I run around often to Manhattan and its the slow pace and quiet nature that I love in New Ro. I can relax and clear my mind at Hudson & 5 Island’s park or BBQ it up with my people. Where other cities are full of sounds and activity at late hours, New Ro presents peace and quiet. I think as you grow and mature you come to appreciate that aspect of life. The youth in you yearns for the action but the adult in you appreciates silence.

Why I Love It

New Rochelle has before been selected as one of the best cities to raise a family in the United States. It’s a collection of all the things you want present in a family geared environment. It’s what is at the heart of who and what I am. The laughs, tears, celebrations, rights, the secrets, New Rochelle represents the balance of my life both seen and unseen. It is suburban and yet a short ride to the “Center of the World” where all variety of options await you. The perfect place for me to do what I do.




Sounds like a great spot. I can appreciate the hustle of the city and going home to a quiet place to relax everyday or weekends. I hope one day I’ll get to explore all these great places you’ve all shared. Thanks again :p



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5 thoughts on “Coming From Where I’m From: Nightfall in New Rochelle

  1. Yes it sounds like my kind of town. Now that I’ve moved away from the area that was always loud and I’m on a relaxing quiet street I enjoy it.

    Great one Nightfall & Nikks…thanks for sharing!

    • I couldn’t live in a noisy place, not for long. I love the hustle and bustle during the day, but in the evenings I just want a tranquil place.

  2. Those places right outside of the city are the best. Close enough to enjoy the benefits of the city, and far enough to get away from the downside of city living.

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