Coming From Where I’m From: A Jazzy Good Time

I’m pleased to share with you a contribution from fellow Nomad•ness Travel Tribe member Janice Temple. Please pay her a visit on her Skychi Travels’ Travelpod Blog to learn more about Janet and her travels.

Where I’m from:


The Event:

South Shore Annual Jazz Fest Weekend

Chicago is known for music: Blues, Gospel, and Jazz Festivals are held in Grant Park for free. These are the some of the most well known Chicago Summer Festivals.

I will share you with my local personal favorite Jazz free outdoor concerts.

The South Shore Jazz Festival is the oldest African American sponsored Jazz Fest in the country. It is a two day weekend event held Saturday and Sunday in early August. The founder Geraldine DeHaas established the not for profit Jazz Unites in 1981 to produce free public concerts. It has showcased some of the world’s top jazz musicians such as four time Grammy Award Winner Dianna Reeves who headlined last year’s fest.

For more information:

What I do there?

South Shore Cultural Center is a Chicago Park District that offers a golf course and a beach.  It is a unique intimate setting for a Jazz Fest in Chicago because you can golf or swim and listen to world famous Jazz singers.

I love water so I play in Lake Michigan while listening to hot Jazz. I think Chicago has some beautiful beaches. You can see the Chicago Downtown Skyline from the South Shore Cultural Center Beach. I also enjoy having a picnic basket with a favorite bottle of wine as well as supporting local food vendors.

Why I enjoy it & You will too:

Chicago hosts hundreds of free Jazz concerts, but this is a premiere event on the South side of Chicago. You have Jazz on a beach with the smell of Chicago Barbeque enticing you to enjoy the local fare. It is a multicultural local classic Chicago jazz scene.

– Janice Temple “Skychi”

I’d like to once again thank Janice for taking part in this feature and sharing with us one of her favourite events Chicago has to offer.
Nikks :)

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3 thoughts on “Coming From Where I’m From: A Jazzy Good Time

  1. Never really attended a Jazz Festival. I’m come across a few in New Orleans but didn’t stop long enough to appreciate the activities.

    Co-sign the smell of good food in the air though.

  2. I like some Jazz music, never stopped long enough to check out a festival either. One of these days I might, some things are a lot more enjoyable in live, when you’re surrounded by a great crowd.

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