Coming From Where I’m From: Tracita in Bogota

Hello loves, this week I give you the lovely and very sweet Tracita of Globetracer. You know the drill, if you’ve never been to the blog, check her out. Have I ever led you astray? As always I have to give my thank you to Tracita for taking the time to do this for me and for you guys to discover something new to do should you travel to her neck of the woods. Enjoy and leave a comment or two.

Where I’m From:

New York, USA

The Spot:

When I think about some memorable moments in life, most of them have involved a table with hearty, effortless laughs and delicious food. A good meal and great company are two simple joys in life. That’s why it’s easy for me to pinpoint my favorite place in New York City—and with so much variety in terms of types of food, location, atmosphere, and price range it’s hard to pick just one place that fits so many standards. Hands down, my favorite restaurant Bogota Bistro, located in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn hits the spot every time.

Why I Go There:

This upbeat bistro and bar features the foods of Colombia (its namesake is the capital) and Latin America and also whips up some of the best drinks I’ve ever encountered. It’s not a very big atmosphere, but its eccentric and bright floor-to-ceiling artwork, warm staff, and unique charm will leave a lasting impression.

BOGOTA How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

1. You’re so bright and filled of nostalgic and authentic posters, “dichos” and artwork. For some reason, I don’t mind the LOUD atmosphere, because being here makes me feel like I’m HOME.

2. Your drinks are damn good. Anything from natural drinks, virgin drinks or alcoholic beverages- you’ve got it all covered.

3. You have abuelita making tostones (fried green plantains) in the kitchen. Smart move. You can’t get more authentic than that!

4. You spruce up your menu and pay attention to detail. Looks like people are really invested in your restaurant– and the way to keep folk coming is by keeping it fresh and new.

5. You have friendly staff and a diverse group of people. Spread love it’s the Brooklyn way.

6. Your food is generally good- everyone is not going to like EVERYTHING- but I think there’s always room for improvement.

I do have a love affair with Bogota. I’ve seen it grow from a baby to its close to 10-year mark as a successful business and it makes me proud to be a New Yorker. Yes, I’ve eaten here over a dozen times since it opened in 2005. Yes, I took it for granted while I lived in NYC. And no, I’m not treated like a celebrity when I show up.  I’m just a consistent, satisfied customer who likes her food flavorful and her drinks strong!

Bogota does have some downsides. There is a patio (backyard) where they sit people when it warms up. It’s tight and stuffy, so I prefer to wait for a table inside. Also, there’s so much to choose from on the menu, it can be a little overwhelming. As a customer, you can’t be afraid to ask questions about what you’re ordering. That’s what those waiters/waitresses are there for! If you’re ever in NYC in the near future, please do yourself a favor and stop by! (Bogota Latin Bistro is located on 141 5th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York).


You heard the lady, do yourself a favor and check this place out if you’re ever in the area. I know I plan on it! Once again Tracita, thank you for sharing your favourite spot with us and I can just imagine the atmosphere, food, and drink. It’s torture putting this post up at midnight, so hungry. Lol. Have a wonderful week everyone and check out Tracita’s sight.

Nikks :p