Coming From Where I’m From: Lola Says, Go Ask Joe Mama!

This week’s contribution comes to you via the lovely Ms. Lola of The Choklit Factory, if you haven’t visited her blog, you ought to! There at The Choklit Factory you’ll discover new music and will be able to see what Lola thinks of new releases etc. I won’t ramble, just follow the link and satisfy your sweet tooth! Lola, thank you so much for contributing. I’ll put this place on my must do when I make a return trip to Toronto one of these days. Happy Monday everyone and enjoy.

Where I’m From:

Toronto, ON

The Spot:

Joe Mama’s located in Downtown Toronto on King & John

What I Do There:

Joe Mama’s is a restaurant/lounge with a New Orleans/Soul Food influence. The walls are covered in paintings/photos of jazz musicians and famous Black entertainers. The atmosphere is Soulful funk. The food is plentiful and tasty. Pretty heavy. It’s a great place to start off a night out on the town or to celebrate a birthday. Around 11pm, the restaurant turns into a lounge with a full live band (that is ALWAYS on point!) with a Singer. The band sings smooth R&B, 80s rock and pop. The crowd loves every minute. Also, large TV screens boast funky 80s movies. The drinks are typical downtown over-priced fare, but the bartenders are great and make you feel at home.  Is also a great date spot.

Why I Go There:

I chose Joe Mama’s because I am a 80s Baby representer, food glutton and music hound so this place speaks to me! It is my “token” spot. Every time I have gone, I have left meeting some great people, had way too much to drink and sang some song at the top of my lungs, alongside the band. The main reason I love Joe Mama’s is that it reminds me of my favorite City, New York. The vibe is electric in there. I always meet people from out of Town and there is simply good energy in the atmosphere. My only gripe is that it ends early.

Merci Beaucoup Lola!

-Nikks :p

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