28 Words & Thoughts

Sunday is my 28th birthday and I’ve asked 28 of you friends and family to share with me just one word that describes me in your mind. I wasn’t doing it for an ego boost, I was doing it to see if the person I want to be is coming through. I wanted to see which words would come up on the list and which words would not (in hopes of bettering myself). I also thought I’d share 28 thoughts on how I view myself. It’s been a rough year, but I’m still alive and that means I still have a chance to turn things around. I thank all of you for your amazingly kind words. I can’t promise to live up to these adjectives you’ve chosen, because I’m human and I falter at times, but thank you nonetheless. Have a great weekend. Continue reading

Kittens & Balls

Cancer isn’t just a thing that happens to old folks anymore. Younger and younger men and women are affected by this disastrous disease. The sooner you’re aware that something is wrong, the better your chances for effective treatment. My Blackberry popped up with my reminder that it’s that time of year, pap smear time! I do one annually and so should you ladies!

Gentle dudes, I’m also reminding you that your spaldings deserve more than a checkout from your lady friend(s). Get your equipment looked at by a medical professional. And to both genders, while you’re at it run your STD checks at the same time. Two birds, one stone!

Take care of your health. You only have one body and if something goes wrong with one thing, it could spell disaster for everything else. Don’t delay, call your family doctor or head into a health centre near you. It doesn’t take long, it doesn’t hurt. You might feel a little violated, but that’s a small price to pay for life. Oh and please make sure you’re clean, I read a sign in my doc’s office once, apparently there are some folks who don’t know any better! Wash up and go get looked at y’all!

Nikks :p

Crying Like A Newborn Child

“Tears at times have all the weight of speech.” -Ovid

I don’t consider myself a softy, but when I think about the films that have reduced me to tears, I guess I’m somewhat soft. So below is a list of films that had your girl crying like a newborn child. Please feel free to share which films not on my list made you cry. Guys, please feel free to contribute, you don’t have to pretend you’ve never shed a tear over a film. *I’ve listed the reasons the films made me cry and they’re spoilers just so you know. So feel free to check the title and maybe not read the reasons I’ve listed for my tears.* Continue reading