Monthly Archive: October, 2011

Sense & Sensuality

There are places in this world where being a virgin means everything to a woman and her family. There was once a time when women were ashamed to admit they weren’t virgins. Men… Continue reading

28 Words & Thoughts

Sunday is my 28th birthday and I’ve asked 28 of you friends and family to share with me just one word that describes me in your mind. I wasn’t doing it for an… Continue reading

The Midas iVag 2

I’m a migraine sufferer and I think on one of the days when I was confined to the darkness of my bedroom, I missed a once in a lifetime event. It was an… Continue reading

What Comes First?

A few weeks ago friends and I were discussing marriage, children, and how to make it successfully cohesive. One friend brought up a friend who was once engaged and what happened when that… Continue reading

Kittens & Balls

Cancer isn’t just a thing that happens to old folks anymore. Younger and younger men and women are affected by this disastrous disease. The sooner you’re aware that something is wrong, the better… Continue reading

Crying Like A Newborn Child

“Tears at times have all the weight of speech.” -Ovid I don’t consider myself a softy, but when I think about the films that have reduced me to tears, I guess I’m somewhat… Continue reading