Unity & Peace


11:08 p.m. EST

I will forever continue to pray for my Black brother and my Black brothas! I feel for you. I hurt for you. I’m scared for you! I will forever fight for, cry out for, and demand your civil and human rights! I will do whatever I can, whenever I can, from wherever I am. This I promise you.


5ive w/ J

So I’ve come to the end of my 5ive series and I’m ending it with a blogger who was always a bit of a mystery to me, J of Up 4 Discussion. If you’ve never been to the blog, please do so. I’ve never visited the blog and not have something to say, I usually leave questioning something and having my self-talk. Another thing I find incredibly refreshing is that J isn’t afraid to talk about his views on religion and his thoughts on God. You’ll find a wide spectrum of topics covered on his blog. So here we go! Continue reading


Like a lot of people, I believe in our relationships, we should learn to keep the intimate details private from our friends. Too many self-proclaimed master chefs in one kitchen is never a good thing. Someone always wants to add their secret ingredient the pot and it might not be suitable for all palates. However, today I’m not discussing friends and keeping private details from them, today I want to know if it’s ever okay for us to keep details private from our own partners? Continue reading

5ive W/ Goddess Intellect

When I first started blogging, I was really apprehensive about how much I wanted to share about myself. I was careful with my wording and revelations, then one day I stumbled across Goddess Intellect. I liked the blog and the honesty of the writer. I was inspired to be more open and as bad as I wanna be. Goddess has become another one of those bloggers I think would make an amazing ‘real life’ friend. I look forward to our meeting one of these days, but for now we’ve got blogs, facebook, twitter, and bbm conversations. So here she is… Continue reading

How Come, How Long?

Short and sweet this Tuesday morn. You’re dating and your significant other has met your friends, all of your immediate and extended family. You’re committed to each other and everyone seems to know it, well everyone except your significant others friends and family. You’ve never laid eyes on anyone on their team!

How committed are you, or should I ask how committed is your partner if they aren’t willing to share their life with you? Would you ask what’s going on? Do you ignore it? Do you give an ultimatum? What if you’ve asked and there’s always some excuse as to why it’s not a great time? What do you do then? What is your partner hiding? How long are you willing to wait before you get an introduction?


5ive w/ Mr. TramueL

It's me...Mr. TramueL, Bae-Bae if ya nasty!

What can I say about Mr. TramueL? I e-dore him and his writing! He’s one of those great online friends you’d love to meet in person. Whenever I read his blog I find truth, I have epiphanies, and it’s all infused with humour. If you’ve yet to visit, please do so today, you won’t be disappointed. It’s me…Mr. TramueL is currently featuring a month long series on aging, there’s priceless wisdom being shared over there daily. Continue reading

Stay Winning

So, I’d like to thank all of those who entered my first blog contest. Obviously there would’ve been no contest without you. I just wanted to give back a little something and show my appreciation for all of you who’ve been reading, commenting, retweeting, facebook sharing, subscribing, and sharing my posts since 2009! I sincerely care about you guys, your opinions, and feedback. So once again, thank you. Continue reading