Milk n’ Cookies

So I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Baby Gloton. Baby Gloton is a doll that has been selling in Spain. The doll comes with a halter top/vest type contraption that your little girl will wear. There are two flowers that are located over the breast area of the top and she is supposed to breast feed Baby Gloton!

The idea behind the doll is that we are to encourage and educate girls in knowing that breastfeeding is the better choice instead of the bottle feeding. So mothers and future mothers, would you purchase this doll for your child? Why or why not? Fathers, feel free to share your thoughts also. Would you be comfortable watching your child play with this doll?

What do you think about girls being given dolls, dream houses, and easy bake ovens these days?

Nikks :p

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Sane women abort their babies everyday. They sit down, they think about it, some pray about it, and they decide for various reasons they cannot and don’t want to be mothers at that point and time in their lives. It’s a woman’s right to choose and they do. They don’t go to prison because they ended a life. So why is it that women who are not of sound mind due to drug usage, are sitting in jails awaiting trial for the murder of their fetuses? Gotta love America! Continue reading

Say Click, Take A Pic!

Unfortunately, I’ve been to a lot of funerals in my life. I’ve never been shielded from death and that’s a good thing. I know how to cope and deal with it, ironically it’s a part of life. After my grandfather passed away, I realized we don’t have many photos of him. So the few I do have, I cherish them and I protect them. My memories of him are intact, but the only way to physically see him is by looking at 3 photos I have of him.

Now I’m on this morbid kick to take pictures of my parents and one remaining grandparent because that’s all I’ll have left if they leave me before I leave them. Do you ever think about what you’ll have left of someone should they leave this world? Do you take photos with that in mind? Or am I just dark and twisty?

Nikks :\