If You’re Lost You Can Look & You Will Find Me

Don't hide baby girl, you need to see it when it's coming!

Last night as I scrolled through my phone in search of a bbm display picture, I stumbled upon the one above and for some strange pms-sy reason it made me tear up. I immediately thought of a question I’ve read in various magazines and heard interviewers ask, “If you could say something to the younger version of yourself what would you say?” Here we go… Continue reading

Pt. 2: What Would Nikks Do?

Welcome back to the Ask Me Anything segment which I’ve re-named W.W.N.D? (What Would Nikks Do?). Thank you for submitting your questions and asking my opinions. I really hope my answers help some of you to solve conflicts you’re facing and please hit me up with feedback if you’re comfortable doing so. Readers, please feel free to answer some of these questions if your thoughts are different than my own. Continue reading

At The Corner of Penis & Vagina

If you are anything like me, you look at the bigger picture all the time. If you are anything like me, you can spend countless hours imagining your future and what kind of life you want for yourself and your offspring. I have considered how I would raise my children, but never have I given thought to concealing their gender in hopes of providing them with a better life. Continue reading


Short and sweet, I’ve decided to make Ask Me Anything a monthly segment called W.W.N.D.? (What Would Nikks Do?). I will answer your questions the last Friday of every month. If it’s successful, I’ll try to do it twice a month. Remember, you can ask about me, for advice/opinions about decisions you need to make or past decisions. I’ll try be as helpful as humanly possible. Please submit your questions by midnight Wednesday, May 25th. I will try to answer as many questions as I can, but if I don’t get around to yours, I will on the next go. You can submit to nicoledanique@gmail.com or hit me up on twitter @IAmNikks. I look forward to hearing from you all.


Nikks :p

Glimpses of Goodness

“This world is such a bittersweet place. At times we get a glimpse of goodness and mercy from human beings, but that glimpse usually comes after we’ve seen the very worst of human actions.” -Nikks

I wrote this last week with every intention of posting it for Monday, who would’ve known it would be somewhat relevant to our current breaking news. My thoughts and prayers to all those who lost their lives because of terrorism and those who died fighting for justice.