Ask Me Anything

On Friday I’m trying to do something a little different with the post. I’m opening myself up to questions. If you want to know what I’d do in a certain situation or just curious about me, go ahead and ask. I’d like the questions submitted by Thursday at midnight. I will not reveal who asked what question, so don’t worry about that. Contact information is as follows:


Tweet Me: @IAmNikks

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Nikks :p

Daughters of Zeus & Mnemosyne

As my friend Elle and I walked towards the tiny cafe on the corner of 109 Street, we looked in and saw our friend Ash sitting at one of tables. I make a face at her through the window, she frowns and rolls her eyes, because we’re late (as usual). I entered the building as if for the first time. Usually it’s a bit busier and all you can hear is the clicking of keyboards as uni students type away at papers or ¬†are messing around on facebook or twitter. Today it was quiet. Continue reading

Be Inspired, Be Thankful!

At times it’s fine and dandy to throw yourself a bit of a pity party, but don’t dwell on the negatives. Life could be so much worse than it is and you could be faced with so many more challenges. Keep it moving people!

Live long and prosper,

Nikks (and the dude from Star Trek) :p