Monthly Archive: April, 2011

Pt. I: Ask Me Anything

I was supposed to choose 5 questions, but I decided to do 10. Thanks to all of you who submitted and I’ll try to do it again really soon. Have a happy happy… Continue reading

Ask Me Anything

On Friday I’m trying to do something a little different with the post. I’m opening myself up to questions. If you want to know what I’d do in a certain situation or just… Continue reading

Daughters of Zeus & Mnemosyne

As my friend Elle and I walked towards the tiny cafe on the corner of 109 Street, we looked in and saw our friend Ash sitting at one of tables. I make a… Continue reading

Stand Up For Your Rights!

This morning I was informed of a horrible crash that left numerous kids (from our community in Jamaica) dead. They were on their way to school when the bus they were traveling in… Continue reading

Be Inspired, Be Thankful!

At times it’s fine and dandy to throw yourself a bit of a pity party, but don’t dwell on the negatives. Life could be so much worse than it is and you could… Continue reading