Monthly Archive: September, 2010

Excuse Me, Your Fetus Is Showing!

This PSA has been brought to you by the letter P for PLEASE & PREGNANCY! Pregnancy is a wonderful thing. In my opinion it’s one of the most miraculous things on the face… Continue reading

My ‘Normal’ Isn’t Necessarily Yours

I’ve been trying very hard to control and remind myself that I can only control myself and the way I react to those around me.  I am trying very hard to accept and… Continue reading

Bruised But Not Broken

Sometimes the healing process is more painful than the initial injury.  I’m sure we’ve all gotten injured at one point or another, who makes it through life without a scar or two?  So… Continue reading

Yours Truly Pt. VI: Love Is You

Hey Mama, A lot of people don’t understand why I’m so very close to you.  I don’t even know if you know exactly how much I love and admire you. So many people… Continue reading

Live Long and Prosper

Usually when I get to the gym I’m traumatized and scared stiff of aging.  I see sagging boobs, grey hair in places I didn’t even imagine would become grey one day (can you… Continue reading