Monthly Archive: July, 2010

Author Spotlight & List of Must Reads

Friday afternoons are when I love to escape and spend time with myself.  I always find myself in the place I feel most comfortable and at home, a bookstore.  As I was going… Continue reading

Hello Kitty, It’s Nice To See You Again

Today I drove down to Whyte Ave, parked my car, fed the meter, and headed into the Perusia Spa (clean, quiet, and friendly employees).  I did not turn back, I did not listen… Continue reading

In The Upcoming Week

Hello my darlings, just doing a post to let you all know what’s happening in Nikk’s world this week…

Damn It Leo!

*Sigh* Have you ever met someone and immediately sparks started to fly?  You get that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach, you aren’t sure if you have to use the bathroom… Continue reading

A Series of Unfortunate Events

So instead of doing another list of random rants, I thought I’d do a bunch of mini blogs combined into one.  They’re random thoughts that I wanted to elaborate on.  So here we… Continue reading

Perverts, Memories, & Random Thoughts

*Sigh*  Just some real random thoughts…K bye!

Declined, Cleanup on Aisle 5

Today as I cruised the aisles of Walmart in search of the perfect tin of Milo, I had the strangest sensation of being watched.  I looked up from my grocery list and down… Continue reading

Yours Truly Pt. V: Me First

Dear Dr. Scum Bucket, Hate is a feeling people tell me not to keep in my heart.  It’s equated to poison and I can see why.  Ever so often, I get this immense… Continue reading

365 Black: I’d Just Love To…

I believe there are certain careers that one shouldn’t go into for the sake of a cheque.  If you aren’t genuinely interested in the well being of people and/or aren’t human enough to… Continue reading

Yours Truly Pt. IV: This Little Light of Mine

‘Yours Truly’ has been brought to you courtesy of the ever deLIGHTful Sunny D of Spoken Word. What I truly admire about Ms. Sunny D is that you can tell she writes from… Continue reading