Segregated Social Networking?

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I’m not here to debate on light skin vs. dark skin.  I’m not going to talk about the use of the word “bitch” or  “nigga”.  I’m here to talk about ignorance in general.  I use twitter, I like twitter, however; twitter in the hands of uneducated people of all races is a dangerous tool. Continue reading

Michael Jackson

Wasn’t around to re-post my Michael post!  Better late than never :P

Michael Jackson never gave us less than a THRILLER.  He told the naysayers to BEAT IT, because let’s face it, he was BAD, you know it! DO YOU REMEMBER THE TIME, when he moonwalked across that stage and ROCKED OUR WORLD?  His music helped bring cultures together so he did HEAL THE WORLD in his own special way.  He made us realize it didn’t matter if we’re BLACK OR WHITE!  He wasn’t a STRANGER IN MOSCOW, he was loved worldwide.  He made us SCREAM gave up so much of his childhood to entertain us and said, ‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE’! At the end of the day I believe he was innocent of all the nonsense and he was able to look at the MAN IN THE MIRROR!  We’re going to continue to ROCK WITH YOU, alllllll night!


Nikks :P

Life Fulfilled (or, The Whole Package) « Thursday Morning Meditations

Please show Ms. Emerson J. Winchester some blog love!  Don’t be afraid to comment, she’s very welcoming.  I absolutely enjoy her writing style and her experiences.  We can all relate to one thing or another on each other’s blog, but we all have various ways of saying it and Emerson’s way is rather refreshing to me.  This particular post, I can definitely identify with. Have a great weekend everyone!

During nachos & Netflix the other night with MsPa, I had the brief and fleeting thought: if only I could find this sort of relationship with a guy, it would be ideal. I am not wishing MsPa to be a guy, nor am I saying I am having thoughts about her. Nothing of the sort. What I meant was that as easy, laid back, fun, undramatic, entertaining, and honest as our friendship is (most close girlfriends probably know this friendship), those are all the things I wish for in a good, healthy relationship with a guy. So why is it so hard to find?

via Life Fulfilled (or, The Whole Package) « Thursday Morning Meditations.

Yours Truly Pt. III: I Used To Love Her

What can I say about this week’s guest blogger?  I can tell you he’s charming, witty, and intelligent.  My first visit to his blog had me hooked, his writing style is his own, he delivers his points and manages to insert wittiness without taking away from the lesson.  Thank you very very much Mr. TramueL for contributing to this week’s ‘Yours Truly’ post.  Please check him out at It’s me … Mr. TramueL :P Continue reading

Pt. II: Yours Truly, Je’Tara

Hello Ladies & Gents, I’m very happy to share with you this week’s ‘Yours Truly’ post which comes courtesty of the lovely Je’Tara. If you aren’t familiar with Je’Tara, please do make your way over to her blog and pay her a visit.  There you’ll find something you can identify with, learn from, or offer some advice on.  With that being said, I’d like to say thank you for sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings with my blog readers and our mutual blog fam.  I really appreciate it.  Thank you!  -Nikks :P Continue reading

Yours Truly Pt. I: I Enclosed It With A Kiss

Dear ____,

I am better at writing down my thoughts than I am at verbalizing them.  When I talk, I tend to leave things out, and often want to kick myself afterwards for not having said all the right things.  I’ve been thinking about you a lot and happy to have known you.  I would definitely be a different woman than I am now if I hadn’t met you.  You taught me a lot of things about myself, what I’m capable of and what I’m not capable of.  You showed me what I was willing to accept and what I’m not willing to put up with. Continue reading

Introducing Yours Truly

I’m an opinionated woman, we all know this by now.  I believe most of us who blog are, hence the need to blog.  Though I’m very vocal, there are times when spoken words just don’t do it for me.  At times I find I’ll have a heart to heart or an argument and when it’s over I realize there’s so much left unsaid.  So I’ve decided to do little feature called ‘Yours Truly’, which is a series of letters to various people in my life.  They’ll remain nameless, but I believe some of them will know I’m talking to them and that’s fine.  I want them to know.  Some of these letters might even be to some of you my fellow bloggers.  If any of you like the idea and would like to post a letter of your own to someone in your life, please let me know.  Pt. I will be up tomorrow evening.

Nikks :P