Monthly Archive: May, 2010

365 Black: Blame Yourselves

Rest In Peace Princess Sometimes I’m very hard to please.  I hold my friends to very high standards and because of it I’ve lost a few friendships.  I get over it, that’s how… Continue reading

The Award For Perfect Example of Bitchassness Goes To…

I’m usually on the side of Black men, I’m all about empowering, uplifting, and having your backs, BUT, wtf!

Failure Friday

Evening Primrose.  Boobs.  That is all. Chocolate, I want chocolate cake, but I don’t even like chocolate!

365 Black Pt. I: You’re Next!

Sleep in heavenly peace Princess! Post inspired by the beautiful Black Princess Aiyana Jones, whose life was taken over the weekend when an officer’s gun “accidentally went off” and shot her in the neck… Continue reading

Perfect Imperfections

Subject: Mole Location: Upper Left Cheek (the cheek on my face, perverts) For years I’ve had the cutest itsy bitsy mole on my upper left cheek, right under my eye.  It looked like… Continue reading

Stand Up

Today a young Canadian Native man (yes I brought his ethnicity up for a reason) was riding on a crowded city bus, the bus was so full that when someone rang to get… Continue reading

Because You Ate My Damn Popcorn

In the not so distant past, I was out at a work event when I met a nice Black man.  We spoke for about half an hour, the conversation was about work, the… Continue reading

She Axed Him, Than Buried Him!

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.  I’m directing this one at young Black America.  I hardly hear Canadians or anyone else speaking like this.  Get mad all you want to, but… Continue reading