365 Black: Blame Yourselves

Rest In Peace Princess

Sometimes I’m very hard to please.  I hold my friends to very high standards and because of it I’ve lost a few friendships.  I get over it, that’s how I am.  I hold them to high standards because I want the best for them, I want more for some of them than I want for myself.  I know I’m a tough friend to have, it’s not easy to put up with me and my ridiculous expectations and at times I feel bad for making them feel pressured.  So much so that I’ve thought of changing myself and lowering my expectations.  Don’t get it twisted, I’m not lowering my expectations for myself, I’m lowering my expectations of them.  Well, I was going to until I came across this heartbreaking story:

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Because You Ate My Damn Popcorn


In the not so distant past, I was out at a work event when I met a nice Black man.  We spoke for about half an hour, the conversation was about work, the city, things to do, and the state of our youth, that sort of thing.  I was not attracted to this man, he was just a nice guy.  He asked for my number and naively I gave it to him with only platonic friendship in mind.  He shared with me that he was a father and about to become an ex.  I wished him luck with that and continued on a friendly (in my mind) note. Continue reading