Monthly Archive: April, 2010

It’s Not Always Him, Sometimes It’s You!

Let’s get it together my people! I grew up with two parents, a sibling, pets, in nice homes, with nice things and plenty of toys, but that doesn’t guarantee perfection. There’s no such… Continue reading

WTF Wednesday

Is this your child? This man refers to my mom as MoneyGram! Why do some family members feel entitled to things they didn’t work for?

Beautiful Blogger Award

*Blushing* Oh my goodness, I didn’t leave the house expecting to win anything.  I don’t even have a speech prepared, so please bear with me.  I’d like to thank my mama for all–oh… Continue reading

Ass Up & Spread ‘Em

If I want to be ass up, face down on a bed it’s going to be with Mr. Sexy, not some brusque Russian ripping out hair from my unmentionables.  What the hell Nikks?

Blog Talk Radio w/ Goddess Intellect

Good (Who am I kidding it’s Monday) morning everyone!  Hope you all got some and some rest this weekend!  I know I didn’t. Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that this… Continue reading

I’m Over There Today

My girl Sunny from Spoken Words has a weekly I Need A Drink Friday post, which allows her and/or guest bloggers to discuss the trials and tribulations of their week.  I was given… Continue reading

Thank God Moment

In a previous blog I talked about giving yourself time to heal and reflect after a relationship goes bad.  There is no set time to go on this little journey of self-discovery, but… Continue reading


Back home, when you are nosey or a little too inquisitive (as I prefer to be called) it is said that you are too “fass”.  So we’ve got a little nickname for Facebook,… Continue reading

Monday Linkup

I’ve been lucky enough to be inspired, uplifted, and encouraged by a few fabulous femme bots bloggers, since I’ve made wordpress my home away from home.  I’d like these lovely women to know… Continue reading

WTF Moment: The Elevator Doesn’t Go All The Way To The Top

And Jesus wept y’all… You’re welcome, Nikks :)