It’s Not Always Him, Sometimes It’s You!

Let's get it together my people!

I grew up with two parents, a sibling, pets, in nice homes, with nice things and plenty of toys, but that doesn’t guarantee perfection. There’s no such thing.  I like most single, 20-something, Black woman, like to think that I’m issue-free and there’s no reason I shouldn’t he happily married and about to celebrate my 2nd wedding anniversary and birth of my 1st child, but the truth is I do have issues and so do a lot of you.

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Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank You Mr. TramueL

*Blushing* Oh my goodness, I didn’t leave the house expecting to win anything.  I don’t even have a speech prepared, so please bear with me.  I’d like to thank my mama for all–oh it’s not an oscar?  Oopsies.  Okay, seriously though.  Thank you so much Mr. TramueL and I love that youv’e changed it from the typical 7 things about you to 7 reasons why you blog!  Here we go: Continue reading

Blog Talk Radio w/ Goddess Intellect

The Panel

Good (Who am I kidding it’s Monday) morning everyone!  Hope you all got some and some rest this weekend!  I know I didn’t. Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that this coming Thursday, the lovely Goddess Intellect will be doing her Menage A Talk on Blog Talk Radio.  She’ll be discussing body image and being comfortable in your own skin.  Her special guests are Mason Jamal, Tiara Harris, and yours truly, ME!  So please tune in, you can call in, type in, or sit there like a stalker waiting for the perfect moment and just enjoy the show. Thank you in advance for your feedback, comments, participation, and support.  Lots of love!

Blog Talk Radio w/Goddess Intellect: Thursday April 29th

Nikks :p

Blog Talk Radio

Nikks :P

Thank God Moment

Shine your light!

In a previous blog I talked about giving yourself time to heal and reflect after a relationship goes bad.  There is no set time to go on this little journey of self-discovery, but I’ll tell you it ought to be longer than a few days or a few weeks.  Some people move on so fast they never get time to “get it” and discover the reason their relationship failed.  I was involved with someone a little while ago and though I didn’t spend a lot of time in this “relationship”, it still hurt when it didn’t work out.  Pain is pain and hurt does just that, it hurts.   Continue reading

Monday Linkup

I’ve been lucky enough to be inspired, uplifted, and encouraged by a few fabulous femme bots bloggers, since I’ve made wordpress my home away from home.  I’d like these lovely women to know that I appreciate their kind words, their jokes, their online friendships, and I feel very connected to them.  I learn from you all everyday.  Some of us are facebook friends now, bbm buddies, etc.  Maybe one day we’ll all get away and meet on a fabulous bloggers retreat!  Without further ado… Continue reading