Au Revoir

Martha Brae

Hola Blog Fam,

I’ll be heading home to Jamaica for the second time this year.  I’ll be gone for a week this time, just bringing my grandma home. She doesn’t like to travel alone.  Looking forward to seeing my little cousins, aunts, and uncles again.  I am also looking forward to wearing shorts, tanks, lil skirts, and sandals, I hate winter clothes, heck I don’t like clothes period.  Lol.  Anyway, hope you all stay safe and be on your best behavior while I’m away.

Lots of love,

Nikks :P

I’d Like To Thank The Acad-Er Blog Family

So my girl D over at Life In The D Lane and the sweetest blogger who ever lived JeLisa from …And They Lived Blogging Ever After, honored me with this award and now I have to pay it forward.  Thank you very much D, I really appreciate it, this made my day!  So here goes.

How does it work you ask?  Once you get the award you have to do a three things:

1. Thank the person that awarded you this in the new post.
2. Name 10 things that make you happy.
3. Pass the award on to 10 other bloggers and inform the winners*.

Things that make Nik smile: Continue reading

Journey To The Past

Turrialba London

Once upon a time a young lad decided to leave his homeland, Hong Kong, China, for reasons unknown.  He traveled to the beautiful island of Jamaica where he met and had relations with a beautiful long haired thick redbone bi-racial woman.  This ‘hook up’ led to the birth of an amazing and handsome young man, my grandfather.  My grandfather never met his father, not to my knowledge anyway.  Great grandmother moved on with her life and had other children, unfortunately she passed away when they were all young.  So grandpa, was left alone to raise his siblings.  His life was hard, bless his soul.  I believe this was all before the age of 16.  Great grandfather had other children on the island and my grandfather knew them, so they were all left behind by this man. Continue reading

Better Left Unsaid

Say what now?

I’ve spoken on numerous occasions of the way I was raised.  I got to be a child and I’m so thankful for that.  My parents were parents and later in life became friends.  I grew up with just the right amount of fear to keep my tail in line.  I never snuck out, snuck boys in, none of that shit.  My folks are straight island and as much as the Canadian government like to think they run shit, they don’t in the (insert family lastname here) household.  My folks let it be known, “they” can’t tell me how to raise my children.  They made us, they own us, they will do with us as they like.  You better ask somebody!  Yikes, I digress. Continue reading



“Okay I spazz, I curse, you last, I’m first…” -W. F. Baby

Sometimes our parents do the best they can by us, but we make friends and outside influences…well they influence us.  I’m talking about cursing, swearing, cuss words, whatever you call it.  I never used to swear.  I never used to even think of uttering a bad word, then I went to middle school. Continue reading

I See You: Shoutout Tuesday

1.  To butt naked old ladies in the Y locker room.  I see you, but I wish I didn’t!  (Especially you that was sitting on the floor behind the shower stall and all your….*vomit* let’s move on!

2.  To the eejit who dunked his toddler’s face under the water in the hot tub, and to your spineless wife who let you and said nothing even though she looked miffed.  While he’s crying, you’re laughing and he’s spitting out water.  I see you, but I should’ve told you you’re an ass.

3.  To the poor kid at Walmart who’s mama overloaded his stroller handles with bags and made a line of people laugh when it flipped him over, I see you lil homie!  You’re head will be okay. Continue reading

Indecisive, What Else Is New?!

Yikes!  Okay so I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately, in regards to the blog that is.  I’ve thought of deleting it and just being reader.  My friends say “Don’t you dare touch that blog!”  So I didn’t and I won’t.  I thought maybe I’d feel inspired with a change, so this is it for now.  I might go back to the old format, for it feels like home to me, but we’ll see.

I usually like change, change is good, but I’m feeling indecisive about this change in particular.  *Sigh*

Nikks :)

Children Live What They Learn

“Know what, who cares if they were celebrating on ice, drinking and smoking. Fact is they just won a gold medal, all the fans were gone, only one lone American AP reporter was around, which no one knew about. If the Americans would have won, he for sure won’t have reported that same behavior.  Oh and how much you want a bet if it was male players no one would give a damn!” -L

The Canadian women’s hockey team, recently whooped some ass in Vancouver, decided to celebrate by drinking and smoking cigars on the ice.  Some people don’t have an issue with that, some people do.  I don’t know if I’d say I have an issue with it, but I don’t respect it.  I think there’s a time and place for everything and that was not the time or the place.  I was recently sitting with my mother when one of her daycare tots asked if he could watch the olympics.  He’s all of four years old.  I’m not a mother, but if I was, I wouldn’t be outraged at my child watching and seeing people drinking and smoking, but when they look up to you and think what you do is cool, then I have to wonder about what the women did. Continue reading