Monthly Archive: March, 2010

Au Revoir

Martha Brae Hola Blog Fam, I’ll be heading home to Jamaica for the second time this year.  I’ll be gone for a week this time, just bringing my grandma home. She doesn’t like… Continue reading

I’d Like To Thank The Acad-Er Blog Family

So my girl D over at Life In The D Lane and the sweetest blogger who ever lived JeLisa from …And They Lived Blogging Ever After, honored me with this award and now… Continue reading

Journey To The Past

Turrialba London Once upon a time a young lad decided to leave his homeland, Hong Kong, China, for reasons unknown.  He traveled to the beautiful island of Jamaica where he met and had… Continue reading

Nik’s Look Book & Must Haves: Pt. III

1.  Yummy lil cookies.  I was gonna say something nasty, but I’mma be good. They taste good. 2. Poynt application on the berry!

Better Left Unsaid

I’ve spoken on numerous occasions of the way I was raised.  I got to be a child and I’m so thankful for that.  My parents were parents and later in life became friends.… Continue reading

WTF Moment: Down Goes Columbus

I don’t know why it’s funny when people fall, but it is.  Don’t wear shades in doors, in the dark…this is why:


“Okay I spazz, I curse, you last, I’m first…” -W. F. Baby Sometimes our parents do the best they can by us, but we make friends and outside influences…well they influence us.  I’m… Continue reading

I See You: Shoutout Tuesday

1.  To butt naked old ladies in the Y locker room.  I see you, but I wish I didn’t!  (Especially you that was sitting on the floor behind the shower stall and all… Continue reading

Indecisive, What Else Is New?!

Yikes!  Okay so I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately, in regards to the blog that is.  I’ve thought of deleting it and just being reader.  My friends say “Don’t you dare touch… Continue reading

Children Live What They Learn

“Know what, who cares if they were celebrating on ice, drinking and smoking. Fact is they just won a gold medal, all the fans were gone, only one lone American AP reporter was… Continue reading