Monthly Archive: January, 2010

Give It A Break, Let Your Vagina Be Great

How soon is too soon to move on to the next one?  The next what?  The next soon to be ex lover, mate, companion, whatever you call it!? I know there are many… Continue reading

Faux Epiphanies

You talk like this, but can you back it up? Do you have that person in your life who talks a lot of shit, has epiphanies every other week, but never follows through… Continue reading

Jamaica: Land of Wood & Water

I Wish She’d Told Me

My little cousin and my grandfather were very close, she has a father who is around, but my grandfather was her father figure. She spent everyday with him and they did things together… Continue reading

The Passion of Ms. Nikks

passion |ˈpa sh ən|noun1 strong and barely controllable emotion I’m a passionate woman.  Not just in a romantic sense, but in every sense of the word.  It’s hard for me to put into words how deeply I feel when I’m… Continue reading


Options, such a little word, such meaning.  I have a lot of decisions to make in the next couple months, there is such possibility and so many options.  As I sit here watching… Continue reading

Second Chances

So I’ve been playing mommy for the past three months and it’s fascinating to watch this little one grow up.  She’s been stuck with the nickname Fatima Rex or just Rex.  Why?  My… Continue reading