Monthly Archive: October, 2009

Nik’s Look Book & Must Haves: My Favorite Crap!

1. Blowfish: Humvee Boots (I heart them, so comfy, salute me!) 2. Sephora OPI: Mermaid To Order 3.  Jean Paul Gaultier 2 (My new signature scent) 4.  DSi (Kill time waiting for appointments)… Continue reading

Shug To Celie: “You Sho’ is ugly!”

I’ve never been into pretty boys.  You know the, Rick Foxes, Shemar Moores, Blair Underwoods of the world.  They just don’t do it for me.  They are handsome, they are good looking, I’m… Continue reading

Make Him Feel Good Pt. III: Perfect Strangers

Let’s be perfect strangers, I can be cousin Balki and you can be cousin Larry because I’m a adventurous, to a point.  I probably wouldn’t have a one nightstand and/or random stranger sex, but… Continue reading

WTF: It’s All Your Fault Bitches!

Lastnight I was studying for anthropology on facebook when I clicked on a video shared by Ms. Lola a.k.a. ChoklitFactory.  In this video a man was talking about Black women.  It was a… Continue reading

Nikki Ménage à What Now?

Dude:  “Would you ever participate in a threesome?” Nikks: “Who says I haven’t?” Dude:  “Damn, f’real?” Nikks:  “No!” Dude: “Would you?” Nikks: “I’ve been curious about it.” Dude: “Curiosity killed the cat!” Nikks:… Continue reading

Old Fashioned Glazed Anyone?

I have a friend, who lives in a big glass house, always has nice cars, couple kids, and a dog husband, we’ll refer to as Grover.  They act as if they’re living life… Continue reading

Will & (Dis)Grace?

I remember watching an episode of Will & Grace when they were trying to count how many sexual partners they’ve ever had.  I believe it was between Will and Grace, Will counted successfully,… Continue reading

If You Aren’t Married, You’re Single?

If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, what he’s saying is if you aren’t married: 1.  You shouldn’t have keys to each others apartments. 2.  Co-sign for each other. 3.… Continue reading

Can You Still Dance Dirty If The Music Is Clean?

I was born in Jamaica, raised there for eight years.  I go back there every year for a month, and it’s the place I refer to as home.  When anyone asks what I… Continue reading

Downgrade? Yeah, No Thanks!

This post was brought to you by the letters G and N for Goddess & Nightfall!  I was inspired by their collaboration on the lastest blog over at Goddess Intellect. “A woman decides… Continue reading