Monthly Archive: August, 2009

Absence Makes My Heart…No Longer

This WTF Moment is brought to you by letters F&G for “FISH GREASE”.  It’s hotter than fish grease in this damn house!  Ironic, I had fish for dinner!  Whew. Gonna start out by… Continue reading

Grown Man 101

“To really love a woman, to understand her You gotta know her deep inside…” Bryan Adams’ ‘Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman‘, has to be one of my all time favorite and… Continue reading

Something Borrowed, Something Blue…No, Something New!

My friends and I will stroll through the mall and see Black men with non-Black women.  No matter what, it often runs in our minds, “Why couldn’t he find a nice Black woman?” … Continue reading

After Love

“Can you be happy without being in love?” That question was posted lastnight by a fellow tweeter on Twitter.  I thought it was a very stupid question, as the answer is so obvious. … Continue reading

I’ll Get You Next Time Gadget, Next Time

So I’m sitting here in bed, butt nekid, because I don’t sleep in clothes. I read somewhere women should let their lady parts breathe, haha TMI. I know. WTF huh?! Sorry I have… Continue reading

Je Ne Regrette Rien

I can honestly stand before you and tell you “I regret nothing!”. Everyone that’s come into my life, good or bad, has taught me something about myself and mankind. I’ve learned who I am… Continue reading


Hi Grandma *Wave* I grew up very very Huxtable-esque.  Mommy, daddy, professionals, good life, toys, books, hugs and kisses, tucked in at night, only child until that miscreant brother was born.  Lol I’m… Continue reading

Musta’ Lost Yo’ Mothaf*****’ Mind!

I’m so peeved, this WTF Moment was brought to you by the leter F for FUCK!  WTF! Rewind Selecta: Yesterday I was sitting around eating an orange creamsicle when the phone rang.  I… Continue reading

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Hudson gives birth to first child

Hudson gives birth to first child Jennifer Hudson performed at Michael Jackson’s memorial last month Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson has given birth to her first child, her publicist has announced. The Oscar-winning… Continue reading

I’m Goin’ In…

*SIGH* Why do most of you men have to be so fucking clueless.  I’m not editing anything this time, I’m Goin’ In…for the kill! First of all when you do something stupid, own… Continue reading