Woosah Bish, Woosah!

As I’m standing in the shower, my senses come alive with the lovely fragrance that is Lavender Vanilla, from the Sleep Line, when I have a WTF a.k.a Epiphany! This WTF Moment was brought to you by Bath & Body Works! Yes I have those moments in the most random places at the most random times.

So I recall this mornings drive to work.  I have my windows rolled up, the sunroof closed, the AC going, and Maxwell’s This Woman’s Work playing.  I’m actually looking forward to my day when I smell something foul.  My nasal passage was assaulted by the foul smell of cigarette smoke!

Yes a**hole, you arent the only one smoking!

Yes a**hole, you aren't the only one smoking!

Why is it, that I’m in MY CAR, windows up, roof closed, but I can still smell your sh..!  Last time I checked I can’t just go out pickup a gun and shoot somebody!  So why oh why is it OKAY for people to give me CANCER.  Why can people smoke in their car, on a sidewalk, outside the mall, anywhere as long as it’s not inside a public building or government building!?  I think if you are IDIOT enough to smoke, then do it in your own blasted house!  I don’t need to smell it, I don’t need to inhale it, no one should have to put up with that exposure!  It’s not fair and I’m annoyed as hell about it!

How damn stupid do you have to be.  It tells you on the box it has the potential of killing you!  Do you hate yourself?  Do you hate your family and loved ones?  Smoking is selfish!  I had to pull a Will and Martin and just WOOSAH!  It usually doesn’t bother that much when I get a whiff of it in my car, but today was different.  Something snapped inside me and I wanted to run that mothasucka off the road, light all the cigarettes he had and burn holes in his face!  What!?

What kind of world do we live in where companies make things like this and get away with it!  I’m beginning to wonder if companies are actually operated by human beings, beings who bleed the same blood as I do, eat the same food as I do, have family and friends like I do?!  My next question is, do they actually sleep well at night and are proud of the day’s work they put in?  Do they feel good for getting one more man, woman, child, and or teenager addicted and hooked.  Do they rest well knowing they’ve shortened someone’s life?  That they’ve killed and sentenced millions to a slow painful death?  I know people make the conscious decision to try it and keep doing it, but why MAKE it in the first place?  When will we learn that the “almighty dollar” isn’t all there is in this world of ours!  What will it take, because the value of human life doesn’t seem to count for sh**!  So somebody tell me, what does it take?  While I await your answer I’m gonna WOOSAH in a corner somewhere!


Music Review: Everything, Everyday

Ugh, can someone die and make me video director, producer, concept maker, full control, I want to do it all.  Okay, Miss Keri looks gorgeous, Fab is just Fab!  Usually I’ll hear a song and it’s nothing to me, then I’ll see the video and it makes me appreciate it more.  This is not one of those times.  The song’s alright.  It’s lacking, not sure what, but I’m not feeling it.  I did check out the rest of the album and it has great beats.  Didn’t pay that much attention to the words.  The beats are good, I can see me rollin’ down Whyte Ave, sunroof open, gangsta lean on, mean muggin’ and scarin’ white folks!  Hahaha, can you picture it.  Lmao hahaha! I play too much!



E. Lynn Harris Dies – ArtsBeat Blog – NYTimes.com


E. Lynn was one of the authors I enjoyed reading.  R.I.P. Article courtesy of the NY Times!

Updated | 2:48 p.m. E. Lynn Harris, the best-selling author of novels that addressed the subject of gay black culture has died, his publicist told The Associated Press. He was 54.

According to his official biography at his Web site, Mr. Harris was born in Flint, Mich. and raised in Little Rock, Ark. At the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, he was the school’s first black male Razorbacks cheerleader and was a lifelong fan of the team. He sold computers for a living until he self-published his first novel, “Invisible Life,” in 1991; it was picked up by Anchor Books in 1994, spawning a prolific writing career spanning ten more novels, from “Just As I Am” in 1994, to “Basketball Jones,” published in January, as well as a 2004 memoir, “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.”

In a review of Mr. Harris’s 2006 novel “I Say a Little Prayer” in The New York Times Book Review, Troy Patterson wrote that Mr. Harris “has helped bring taboo topics — like closeted black men indulging their sexuality ‘on the down low’ — into mainstream conversation.” From his debut with “Invisible Life”, Mr. Patterson wrote that Mr. Harris offered a writing style that “was smoothly paced, and the prose occasionally opened up on Fitzgerald-lite moments of sparkling sentiment.”

In a statement, Alison Rich, the executive director of publicity for Doubleday, which published Mr. Harris’s novels, said: “We at Doubleday are deeply shocked and saddened to learn of E. Lynn Harris’ death at too young an age. His pioneering novels and powerful memoir about the black gay experience touched and inspired millions of lives, and he was a gifted storyteller whose books brought delight and encouragement to readers everywhere. Lynn was a warm and generous person, beloved by friends, fans, and booksellers alike, and we mourn his passing.”

A full obituary will follow at nytimes.com.

via E. Lynn Harris Dies – ArtsBeat Blog – NYTimes.com.

All You Imbeciles, Listen Up!

I’m sitting here warming up my leftover chicken linguine, sippin’ on a Jamaica Cola Champagne (soda, if you don’t know now you know! ) oh where was I…oh right.  So this click on this video and I almost choked on the damn soda!  This child is ridiculously hilarious.  Check it out!  No homo, get off me!

Nikks :P

Do We Accept This?

So I just got home from work, changed, fed my cat, cleaned the bathroom, showered, and plopped my booty down on the sofa to watch tv.  I flipped to the dreaded B.E.T. to see if they by chance had any decent songs to download, when Terrence announced they’d be replaying the Chris Brown apology video.  So I tuned in.  Hmm my personal opinion: It happened.  He got his punishment.  I haven’t heard any rumors or reports that she thinks he got off easily.  People will forever see him in a different light.  I doubt he’ll do it again, that would just be plain STUPID.

Tsk tsk!

Tsk tsk!

Will I be listening to his music anytime soon? MAYHAPS (maybe/perhaps) I DUNNO! It would have been nice to see him at the B.E.T. Awards doing an MJ tribute.  He would have handled the damn thing!!!!  But that was also a price he had to pay, not being able to participate in something so important, moving, and powerful in regards to someone he idolized.  Great lesson to learn.  Umm do we accept this? Personally, the jury’s still out!

Nikks :P