Monthly Archive: July, 2009

Woosah Bish, Woosah!

As I’m standing in the shower, my senses come alive with the lovely fragrance that is Lavender Vanilla, from the Sleep Line, when I have a WTF a.k.a Epiphany! This WTF Moment was… Continue reading

Music Review: Everything, Everyday

Ugh, can someone die and make me video director, producer, concept maker, full control, I want to do it all.  Okay, Miss Keri looks gorgeous, Fab is just Fab!  Usually I’ll hear a… Continue reading

E. Lynn Harris Dies – ArtsBeat Blog –

R.I.P. E. Lynn was one of the authors I enjoyed reading.  R.I.P. Article courtesy of the NY Times! Updated | 2:48 p.m. E. Lynn Harris, the best-selling author of novels that addressed the… Continue reading

“You Look So Dumb Right Now…”

Rihanna’s response to Chris Brown.  Worth another chuckle for the afternoon! Enjoy. -Nikks :)

All You Imbeciles, Listen Up!

I’m sitting here warming up my leftover chicken linguine, sippin’ on a Jamaica Cola Champagne (soda, if you don’t know now you know! ) oh where was I…oh right.  So this click on… Continue reading

Do We Accept This?

So I just got home from work, changed, fed my cat, cleaned the bathroom, showered, and plopped my booty down on the sofa to watch tv.  I flipped to the dreaded B.E.T. to… Continue reading