Monthly Archive: May, 2009

Music: Ne-yo, Part of The List

In my eyes, musically, Ne-yo can do no wrong!  The man is crazy talented and continues to shut it down!  I enjoy this video and it’s explanation and connection to the previous song,… Continue reading


We all know my stance against violence, BUT I’m not disagreeing with this one.  I noticed Bria’s face changed as soon as Charles crossed the line with that abortion comment.  Obviously it hit… Continue reading

The Sins of The Father

Sometimes we do things to others without giving much thought to the consequences.  At times we think we can do what we want and get away with it, but do we really get… Continue reading

NY Times Bestsellers

How do I spend my lazy Summer days?  I buy a venti, light ice, black tea lemonade, and lay around the backyard with a novel or two!!!  Happy reading people! – :P Nikks… Continue reading

Music Video: Ego

Okay we all know B.K. is a bad bad heifa’, but seriously she lacks creativity!  Single Ladies take 2!  *Muttering* “Here we go with all the dudes in tights again re-creating this sh**!”… Continue reading

Movie: Precious

Most of my money goes to cineplex odeon and looks like that won’t change anytime soon.  This movie looks amazing.  I see you Mariah!  Lol, looks like she might redeem herself from the… Continue reading


August 1999, I was sixteen years old.  I was home alone when my phone rang and I was told by my aunt that my grandfather was gone.  He had suffered a stroke a… Continue reading

Take Time To Realize

Late night conversations.  Giggling.  Butterflies.  Dinners.  Flowers.  Walks.  Kisses.  Kindness.  Attention.  Gentleness and most of all TIME. “If we were together baby, I’d do this and I’d do that.  I’d treat you this… Continue reading

Immaturity Means Never Having To Say I’m Sorry

 You heard ‘em, PLAYTIME IS OVA! Why is it so hard for some of us to say “I’m sorry?” Have you ever had someone do something to upset you, cause you grief, heartache,… Continue reading

Confessions of A Two-Faced Heifer!

I’m so happy I learned from a young age that having a big circle doesn’t mean they have your best interests at heart.  I cut my circle down at the age of 16… Continue reading