Music: Ne-yo, Part of The List

In my eyes, musically, Ne-yo can do no wrong!  The man is crazy talented and continues to shut it down!  I enjoy this video and it’s explanation and connection to the previous song, “Mad”.  I read this quote today and it’s so true:

“Music is what feelings sound like.” – Author Unknown

-Nikks :P


We all know my stance against violence, BUT I’m not disagreeing with this one.  I noticed Bria’s face changed as soon as Charles crossed the line with that abortion comment.  Obviously it hit (no pun intended) close to home.  “How you gon’ put my fucking business out there like that?” she asks.  WoW, anger would’ve made me go there with that clown.  These two need to get away from each other like yesterday!  From all the other stories, clips, and her blog they are a hot mess!  Yeesh!


The Sins of The Father

Sometimes we do things to others without giving much thought to the consequences.  At times we think we can do what we want and get away with it, but do we really get away with it?  Sometimes it isn’t us who pays, but our loved ones.  Sometimes we pay for the sins of our fathers (parents).  Or sometimes it’s the reverse, our parents do good and they don’t live long enough to reap the rewards, but their children get the opportunities to.  

What I’m focused on more though is how we wrong people, treat them like dirt, and seemingly get away with it.  I don’t think we ever really do get away with it though.  This all got brought up when I noticed an article stating Mike Tyson’s little girl was found choking on the cable cord of a treadmill.  I can’t begin to imagine the pain the family must be going through, how frightened they were when they found her like that.  It’s horrific and tragic when anything happens to child.  

I wonder how many times he choked the sh** out of Robin Givens!  How many times her family prayed for her safety.  How many times her family thought he’s going to kill her for sure!  How many times he beat her senseless and she had to suffer ridicule from men and women all over the world.  Robin was called all the ugliest names under the sun, can you imagine the ridicule she endured on top of the beatings.  The beatings her emotions took along with the physical?!

We might get away with things in the eyes of the law, but do we get away unscathed in the eyes of God?  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!  The world would be a much better place.  Ask yourself, is it worth making my children suffer for the sins of the father?!  

Nikks :)

NY Times Bestsellers




How do I spend my lazy Summer days?  I buy a venti, light ice, black tea lemonade, and lay around the backyard with a novel or two!!!  Happy reading people!:P Nikks

This Week   Weeks on List
1 THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY, by Mary Ann Shaffer. (Dial, $14.) A journalist meets the island’s old Nazi-resisters. 2
2 THE SHACK, by William P. Young. (Windblown Media, $14.99.) A man whose daughter was abducted receives an invitation to an isolated shack, apparently from God. (†) First Chapter 52
3 VISION IN WHITE, by Nora Roberts. (Berkley, $16.) A wedding photographer finds romance with the brother of a bride-to-be; Book 1 in the Bride Quartet series. 3
4 PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES, by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith. (Quirk, $12.95.) The classic story, retold with “ultraviolent zombie mayhem.” 7
5 ANGELS AND DEMONS, by Dan Brown. (Washington Square, $16.) A scholar tries to save the Vatican from the machinations of an underground society. 6
6 CITY OF THIEVES, by David Benioff. (Plume, $15.) Two men arrested in World War II Russia must complete a seemingly impossible task to save their lives. 7
7 OLIVE KITTERIDGE, by Elizabeth Strout. (Random House, $14.) A seventh-grade math teacher is the link in 13 stories set on the Maine coast; the winner of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. 4
8 UNACCUSTOMED EARTH, by Jhumpa Lahiri. (Vintage Contemporaries, $15.) Stories about the anxiety and transformation experienced by Bengali parents and their American children. First Chapter 6
9 LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH, by Emily Giffin. (St. Martin’s Griffin, $13.95.) A woman’s happy marriage is shaken when she encounters an old boyfriend. 4
10* MY SISTER’S KEEPER, by Jodi Picoult. (Washington Square, $14.) A girl sues her parents after learning they want her to donate a kidney to her sibling. 34
11 FIREFLY LANE, by Kristin Hannah. (St. Martin’s Griffin, $14.95.) A friendship between two women in the Pacific Northwest endures for more than three decades as they make different choices in their lives. 19
12* TESTIMONY, by Anita Shreve. (Back Bay, $14.99.) Sex acts caught on videotape ignite a scandal at a prep school in Vermont. 2
13 SARAH’S KEY, by Tatiana de Rosnay. (St. Martin’s Griffin, $13.95.) A contemporary American journalist investigates what happened to a little girl and her family during the roundup of Jews in Paris in 1942. 14
14* 7TH HEAVEN, by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. (Grand Central, $14.99.) Detective Lindsay Boxer and the Women’s Murder Club hunt for an arsonist. 6
15 STAR TREK, by Alan Dean Foster, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. (Pocket, $15.) A novelization of the film based on the TV series created by Gene Roddenberry. 1
16 THE ALCHEMIST, by Paulo Coelho. (HarperOne, $13.95.) A Spanish shepherd boy travels to Egypt in search of treasure. 87
17 THE ELEGANCE OF THE HEDGEHOG, by Muriel Barbery. (Europa, $15.) A young girl and a widowed concierge, both closet intellectuals, become friends. 18
18 CHASING HARRY WINSTON, by Lauren Weisberger. (Downtown, $16.) Three glamorous friends, New York women nearing 30, vow to change their lives. 1
19 PUSH, by Sapphire. (Vintage Contemporaries, $12.95.) An abused, illiterate 16-year-old girl living in Harlem meets a teacher who helps change her life. 1
20 CERTAIN GIRLS, by Jennifer Weiner. (Washington Square, $15.) A girl discovers the sexy, somewhat autobiographical novel her mother wrote years earlier.

Music Video: Ego

Okay we all know B.K. is a bad bad heifa’, but seriously she lacks creativity!  Single Ladies take 2!  *Muttering* “Here we go with all the dudes in tights again re-creating this sh**!”

-Nikks (SMH)

Movie: Precious

Most of my money goes to cineplex odeon and looks like that won’t change anytime soon.  This movie looks amazing.  I see you Mariah!  Lol, looks like she might redeem herself from the mess that was uh, what was that horror film she starred in again…Glitter?!  Oh that wasn’t horror?!  My bad!  Monique is making it do what it do, I love Monique and if she can make me hate her in this film, then her job is done.  From the preview I just saw, I hate her, so good job Monique!  Can’t wait!  

This movie is based off the book called “Push” by Sapphire.  Gotta read it before the movie comes out in November!

Nikks :P



August 1999, I was sixteen years old.  I was home alone when my phone rang and I was told by my aunt that my grandfather was gone.  He had suffered a stroke a couple weeks before and seemed to be getting better.  Turns out he was hiding his pills under the edge of the mattress instead of taking them.  I get a kick out of that, naughty, I don’t blame him.  He was a man with pride and strength.  He was used to taking care of himself and within an instant reduced to being a child again.  He did not want to live that way.  I sank to the floor after I hung up, with my back against the cool kitchen cupboard I cried myself into a migraine.

I went through the loss of my granddad alone, well I had my family, but at that age you want the comfort of your friends.  I had friends, but at that age they did not seem to know what to say to me or how to comfort me.  They knew he was sick, but throughout the weeks leading up to his passing, they did not call to check in to see how he was doing or how I was coping.  I went through a lot of emotions alone and came out the better for it.  I went home and buried my grand and then came home a new woman with a mission.  Find new friends.

I got rid of the friends with a few choice words that might have hurt one of them worst than a blow from Mike Tyson.  Am I sorry?  Am I proud of it?  No and hell yes.  I’d say it again.  I’ve since made up with one friend, but will never make up with the other.  I’d like to say thank you  curb stomp the bish though.  

No really though, I learned a lot about myself that summer.  What I will tolerate, what I refuse to put up with, who I am, and what I’m capable of.  I embrace solitude, I appreciate and accept being alone.  I use those times for reflecting, self-improvement, goal planning, acceptance, and self-talk (yes I talk to myself, it’s when you start to answer yourself you should be worried lol).  A lot people seem to be afraid of being alone.  I’m not one of those people.  I don’t need unnecessary people in my life, those who don’t want to be there or those who are, but mean you no good.  

“Rewind selecta!”  Nikks 1999 is back!  I’m alright doing things on my own, because the truth is I’m never alone, God is with me, and with HIM I’m unbreakable!

No bitchassness,

Nikks :P

R.I.P. Mr. Chin

Take Time To Realize

Late night conversations.  Giggling.  Butterflies.  Dinners.  Flowers.  Walks.  Kisses.  Kindness.  Attention.  Gentleness and most of all TIME.

“If we were together baby, I’d do this and I’d do that.  I’d treat you this way and never make you feel like he/she is making you feel right now!”

We spend so much time trying to convince each other that we’d be good together, that we should be together, that it feels right.  So how come once we decide that yes we can work, we stop working?

The late night conversations are less frequent.  The giggling becomes sighing.  The dinners are often solo, the flowers have dried up and died (potpourri bish), the kisses only happen when there’s sex, not just because.  The TIME, oh the Time is now spent arguing, bickering, nagging at each other.

Once we get that label we wanted, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, boo, shawty, whatever, why do we stop trying?  Why do we stop caring?  I’m not saying arguing isn’t healthy, it’s very healthy.  I think if you don’t argue, then you have no passion left.  It’s a thin line.  You can’t argue and then walk away and not discuss it.  You shouldn’t argue and then ignore each other, clam up and say nothing.  You have to resolve things before you fall asleep.

Not everyone will resolve things before they go to bed.  Not everyone has communication skills and techniques, but it’s important that we learn them. It’s important that we take TIME to realize…..what’s really important to us!

Do we stop trying and giving our time and attention to the person we promised to treat better than the last guy/girl, because it’s no longer a pleasure or leisure activity, has it become a chore?

Listen to Ne-yo,  “…we can be as happy as we want to be girl, but we gotta make it work…”

Nikks :P

Immaturity Means Never Having To Say I’m Sorry

You heard em, PLAYTIMES OVA! You heard ‘em, PLAYTIME IS OVA!

Why is it so hard for some of us to say “I’m sorry?”

Have you ever had someone do something to upset you, cause you grief, heartache, stress, or straight up piss you the hell off?  Then you explain to them how you’re feeling, that you’re hurt, you’re upset and angry and they do or say nothing to appease your feelings?

Some people don’t say they’re sorry, but you can hear it in their voices, but can’t seem to bring themselves to say the words, do you accept that, is that good enough?  Some of them do nothing, well they do something, they turn it around and blame it all on you!  You sit there and wonder WTF just happened?!  I mean really, WTF is wrong with you?!  You might want to choke a *****, but you refrain, because really who wants to be Big Bertha’s bish, when you wind up in the big house?!

What I want to know is what makes it so hard for people to apologize and take responsibility for his/her actions!?  How do you go out of your way to cause someone stress and drama, knowingly, and then blame them for it?!  

“I didn’t do anything, I didn’t say anything, you did this, you did that!”  Are you ******* serious right now?!  Unless you’re suffering from some form of exceptionality, I just don’t get it!  Wait a minute, no I do get it, you’re either developmentally delayed or immature.  Maybe it’s both.  

What is it about our culture and society that makes us feel as if apologies makes us weak?  It’s time to grow up!  I’m jus’ sayin’!  


Nikks :)

Confessions of A Two-Faced Heifer!

Do you feel good about yourself?

I’m so happy I learned from a young age that having a big circle doesn’t mean they have your best interests at heart.  I cut my circle down at the age of 16 and spared myself the pain and unbearable suffering, which are the results of teenage maliciousness.  

Some “women” and I use the term loosely, have the nerve to smile in your face while they stab you in the back!  I’m going to stick to my “Keeping my mouth shut, UNLESS you ask for my opinion!” policy!  

Nonetheless, I will say this, “Someone from your camp is suffering from a very severe case of VERBAL DIARRHEA or is a TWO-FACED HEIFER!  I’ll go with the latter, for I believe it to be true.”

Scrolls down the iTunes list, selects a tune, clicks play, and sings as she walks out the door, “How could you be so heartleeess….”

I’m just sayin’!

No Bitchassness,