Monthly Archive: March, 2009

Joni Mitchell Neva’ Lies!

  Row row row your boat, gently down the stream… I’m not interested in one-sided, sinking ships!  Be that a friendship or relationship.  If we aren’t rowing at the same speed and trying to… Continue reading

New Music: Keri Hilson ft. Ne-yo & Kanye

This broad always looks good and she has some serious chemistry with KanyEGO West! -Ms. Nikks

Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake – Love Sex Magic Preview Video

Preview of Ciara’s new joint. Hot hot hot! This heifer makes me wanna be a lesbian or a stripper. Wait, how about a lesbian stripper?! What, it worked for that blonde scalp heifer… Continue reading

Eyes Wide Shut?

      Dude:  “She’s crazy!” Ms. Nikks:  “She’s not ******* crazy!” Dude:  “You don’t know her like I do!” Ms. Nikks:  “Are you ******* retarded?” Dude:  “Stop cursing at me!” Ms. Nikks: … Continue reading

Handle With Care!

Don’t dog ear it, I’ll cut you! If I let you borrow my book, I expect you to take very good care of it.  I expect it to be returned to me in… Continue reading

Lil Wayne N’ Birdman Cartoon

Funniest one so far!  OMG I love these, don’t ever stop y’all! Ms. Nikks

Tyson Documentary Trailer

This actually looks interesting….will write more tomorrow!   Ms. Nikks :P

Kanye Ya Turnin’ Me Off!

I’ve been a Keri Hilson admirer for a minute or two.  Loved her on After Love from Diddy’s last album.  She’s talented (writes music for a lot of other artists) and gorgeous.  Love… Continue reading

(S)hero Complex?!

I don’t have many friends and that’s by choice.  I keep my circle very small, very close, and very tight.  Tighter than a virgin. Those in my circle know me, they know the… Continue reading