Joni Mitchell Neva’ Lies!

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream...


Row row row your boat, gently down the stream…

I’m not interested in one-sided, sinking ships!  Be that a friendship or relationship.  If we aren’t rowing at the same speed and trying to keep sailing, keep afloat, then please believe I will abandon ship.

There one moment, gone the next, Disappearing Acts like I’m Sanaa Lathan and you’re Wesley Snipes.  Listen to Janet and Q-Tip, “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone (Joni Mitchell neva’ lies)!”

That’s all I’m going to say about that!

Ms. Nikks

Eyes Wide Shut?

Can you see the truth?




Can you see the truth?




Dude:  “She’s crazy!”

Ms. Nikks:  “She’s not ******* crazy!”

Dude:  “You don’t know her like I do!”

Ms. Nikks:  “Are you ******* retarded?”

Dude:  “Stop cursing at me!”

Ms. Nikks:  “Stop being a ******* eejit!”

Dude:  “It’s like that?”

Ms. Nikks:  “Yeah bitch!”

Dude:  “That’s f****d up  Ms. Nikks!”

Ms. Nikks:  “You f****d up Dude!”

Why do men say women are crazy?!  Let me rewind!  You’re trying to get to know someone and he has a female in the background.  That infamous ex-jump off, popping up like a bad rash or H.I.V. she just won’t go away.  You ask about it and he says, “She’s crazy.”  

She isn’t!  He gives her reasons to act the way she does!  He’s either still talking to her in way that makes her feel like she’s still important to him or he’s still (pardon my french) f****** her.  Yep heard that mess before home skillet!

I wonder if you should go searching for answers or keep your eyes wide shut?!  I’ve never wished blindness upon myself, so I’d prefer to know the truth.  How about you?

Ms. Nikks :)


This post has caused a tad bit of upset and I’d like to make this very very clear.  The beginning of this conversation includes a snippet of a conversation I had with an ex-bf, regarding an old school mate of his.  They don’t even reside in this country, so I apologize for any similarities and issues this post may have caused anyone.  

Cheers, Ms. Nikks 

Handle With Care!

Dont dog ear it, Ill cut you!

Don’t dog ear it, I’ll cut you!

If I let you borrow my book, I expect you to take very good care of it.  I expect it to be returned to me in the same condition in which it left me.  I don’t expect you to dog ear it, spill water or juice on it, or rip out the pages….. you don’t wanna make me angry!

The same can be said of my heart!  If I let you hold my heart in your hands, then I expect you not to squeeze it until it stops beating.  I expect you to treat it like a motherfucking heart surgeon would.  I would do the same for you and I expect no less.  If I’m willing to bury you over my book, what do you expect I’d do to you in regards to my heart?  I’m just sayin’!

Ms. Nikks

Kanye Ya Turnin’ Me Off!

Eeeewy!  *SMH*

Eeeewy! *SMH*

I’ve been a Keri Hilson admirer for a minute or two.  Loved her on After Love from Diddy’s last album.  She’s talented (writes music for a lot of other artists) and gorgeous.  Love this song and loving the video.  I’d be a little careful though Ms. Hilson.  Ye is all over you and he’s been mingling with that stripper with the bleach blonde scalp, err Amber Rose is it?!  Watch out now!  Am I the only one that feels itchy?! 

Ms. Nikks

(S)hero Complex?!

Whos there to save the (s)hero?

Who's there to save the (s)hero?

I don’t have many friends and that’s by choice.  I keep my circle very small, very close, and very tight.  Tighter than a virgin. Those in my circle know me, they know the various roles I play.  I see myself as the nurturer often confused with the “shero”.  Or I play the “devil’s advocate”, which makes me the villain, when all I’m really trying to do is make you see both sides of the story. Continue reading