Monthly Archive: February, 2009

Officially Missing You

Have it your way?! Cheers,  _ o _ _ !  (Wink)

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…

Honestly there are some things I just can’t live without.  Okay, that was a hyperbole a.k.a a huge exaggeration, except for the Blistex and car!  Being without those two things drive me bananas.  I… Continue reading

Dirty Dancing & Dirty Lil Secrets

  My mum still tells the story of the day she came home from work and couldn’t believe her eyes.  There on the veranda being watched by her nanny stood her precious, precocious,… Continue reading

Should I?

  In the spirit of Ally McBeal (remember her?), I’ve taken on a theme song everyday. Lucky for me I don’t see the dancing baby, that’d be a cause for concern. Anyway my… Continue reading

Blockbuster Pick of The Week!

I can’t believe I find Javier Bardem sexy without a cattle gun!?   Penelope Cruz:  CRAZY.  PASSIONATE.  INTENSE.   Scarlett Johansson:  Hmm annoyed me! I could have done with more Penelope and less… Continue reading

No Chris, No Chris, Nooo!

  Okay, so I thought I was being completely biased and hating on CB in regards to the whole Rihanna thing, but after seeing the photo I was right to dislike him.  No matter… Continue reading